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Philippines: Misleading Headlines

  23 August 2006

The Sassy Lawyer blogs about a misleading headline in the Philippine Daily Enquirer that is troubling one of the people they interviewed recently. Jim Paredes, a Philippine songwriter and musician spoke to the newspaper about his life in Australia as a recent immigrant. The paper published the story with a...

Malaysia: Moderating Comments

  22 August 2006

Jeff Ooi in Malaysia is asking his readers “Do you favour a pre-moderated comments mechanism, or real-time publsihing after the initial user authentication requirement (as currently practised in this blog)?”. This comes after a newspaper editor filed a complaint against a comment posted on Ooi's blog.

Thailand: Game Addiction

  22 August 2006

Ben at Mai Me Arai blog talks about his theory “todays society is full of people who want to be entertained every single moment“. Ben and his boyfriend are both ardent online game players.

Malaysia: Crime in Johor

  22 August 2006

Fat4 laments the security situation in Johor Bahru, the Malaysian town that forms the border with Singapore. In recent years the rising crime has given the city a bad name. “The Johor Bahru i used to love has been snatched away from me.”

Cambodia: Internet Experience Workshop

  21 August 2006

Cambodian cyberkid DeeDee attends an Internet Experience Sharing Workshop and blogs about it. DeeDee is a school student who represents the younger Cambodians who are exploiting the internet for infomation and learning.

Philippines: Ninoy Aquino

  21 August 2006

On the anniversary of Philippine senator Ninoy Aquino‘s death, Manuel L. Quezon III remembers the eventful day in 1983. Aquino was a leading critic of then Philippine ruler Ferdinand Marcos and he was assassinated at the Manila International Airport when he returned home from exile.

Vietnam: First KFC in Hanoi

  19 August 2006

The blogger at Vietnamese God visits the first KFC outlet in Hanoi and finds that it is attracting a lot of people. “I wonder why people like to eat fast food when they have so many options to choose from on the street in Vietnam, as well as some good...

Indonedia: Independence Day

  17 August 2006

Jakarta Guru celebrates the Indonesian Independence day with his students.”Holidays for most but not is poor teachers, aaah, as we have to watch the sawn off savages click into overdrive. In fact for many students it's a day like any other. Running, screamin, yelling but today unencumbered by those tiresome...

Brunei: History of Oil Exploration

  16 August 2006

The blogger at The Daily Brunei Resources discusses a book on oil exploration in Brunei. Oil and natural gas production contribute to almost half of Brunei's GDP.

Myanmar: Celebrity Website

  16 August 2006

Man Actually posts a link to a site on Myanmar celebrities and talks about the latest singing sensation in Myanmar who pens her phone number along with her autograph. “I don't know, by now, she's changed her number or not yet…. But as far as I know she would be...

Indonesia: Iranian President's Blog

  16 August 2006

Unspun discoves that Iranian President Mahmood Ahmadinejad blogs too. The Iranian president was a recent guest in Indonesia and he was very well received there.

East Timor: Gossip Trouble

  15 August 2006

The blogger at Timorsunshine blog blames gossip for reoccurring trouble in the country. “It's strange that i should be saying this – but i think what the government needs is a great mouthpiece to spread its propaganda – or in a less biased way – spread INFORMATION. There's a lack...