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China: Dealing with Negative Comments

  17 May 2008

China Digital Times has a post on how the Chinese police are using their own forum participants and blog comment makers  to deal with online negative comments. (via Imagethief)

China: Earthquake in Sichuan

  12 May 2008

Beijing based Singapore blogger Alvin writes about the quake in Sichuan being felt in Beijing this afternoon. “Robina called me frantically that the building was swaying. she grabbed Sally and ran out. Sally is still panting from the excitement. all the people from our apartment building came downstairs. nearby office...

Fiji: Blog Roundup

  11 May 2008

Failedparadise carries a round-up of Fijian blogosphere with links to notable posts from the last two weeks.

Myanmar: UNICEF's Urgent Needs

  11 May 2008

UNICEF is in urgent need of 500,000 buckets for their sanitation efforts in Myanmar. Donors can contact Roberto Saltori at Bangkok. Tel +6623569237 E-Mail: rsaltori AT

Myanmar: Unrealisting Expectations

  10 May 2008

Andrew Selth at The Interpreter says “governments and international agencies calling for immediate action in Burma seem to be over-estimating the regime’s capacity to respond”

Myanmar: Cyclone Nargis

  5 May 2008

mmhan informs of a place in Singapore where one can make a donation to help out in the aftermath of cyclone Nagris that hit Myanmar.