Preetam Rai · March, 2008

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Singapore: Greeting Online vs. Traditionally

  18 March 2008

Missybrowneyes on greeting people online vs. greeting them the traditional way “Apparantly, homo sapiens in this 20th century have pretty warped idea of greetings. You must do it online. Over Friendster and FaceBook. Anything else is considered anti-social or bizarre.”

Thailand: Karaoke Killings

  18 March 2008

Bangkok Pundit and The Lost Boy comment on the murder case where a man disturbed by the bad karaoke singing of his neighbors killed them all.

Singapore: Nesting Hornbills

  11 March 2008

The Bird Ecology Study Group has posted images of a male and female hornbills inspecting potential nesting cavities in Singapore's Changi area.

Malaysia: Bloggers Questions Recount

  11 March 2008

Malaysian blogger and candidate in the recent elections, Chegu Bard, is questioning the vote recount that gave his high profile opponent from the ruling party a lead over him.

East Timor: Introducing A Timorese Feature Film

  11 March 2008

Return to Rai Ketak introduces Sirana, a feature film made in East Timor. “Directed by Ivete de Oliveira, the film is in the style of improvised, documentary style and the soundtrack is really memorable with Bibi Bulak and the new Cinco do Oriente”

Thailand: Weapons Trader's Arrest

  7 March 2008

Bangkok Pundit translates and comments on a Thai news paper story on a Russian arms dealer. The dealer was hoodwinked by Thai police and American agents who posed as the member of Colombian militant group FARC.