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Philippines: Sweet Treat

  31 December 2007

Eating Asia has a pictorial post on how people in rural Philippines work out a sweet treat with a stick and a can of molasses.

Malaysia: Getting The Page Rank Back

  31 December 2007

5xmom is happy to get her google page rank back and swears to stay off paid posts. “No more selling text links, no more paid posts on the these three blogs until Google define what I am allowed to do.”

Myanmar: Video Showing September Violence

  28 December 2007

Agam's Gecko points to a new video clip that has emerged from Myanmar. “As if the world needed anymore evidence that the brutal Burmese regime has got to go now, but here is some more anyway. I've been told it's been given to CNN — but it only surfaced this...

Philippines: Philippine Nationals in Pakistan

  27 December 2007

In the aftermath of the assassination of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, Tonyo hopes that the diplomats from Philippines will look after the thousands of Filipino overseas works currently in Pakistan.

Brunei: Prayers for Bhutto

  27 December 2007

Maurina in Brunei urges readers to “recite the Al Fatihah for someone who, despite everything, was one of the world’s strongest women of our time, Benazir Bhutto.”

Singapore: Remembering Bhutto

  27 December 2007 remembers attending a lecture by Benazir Bhutto. “Assassination news is always shocking, and for some reason even more so when you've seen the person in question.”

Thailand: PPP Leading

  23 December 2007

Bangkok Pundit analyzes the latest results of exit poll data and the actual election results. The PPP or People's Power Party, considered by many as the incarnation of the banned Thai Rak Thai is leading the polls.

Thailand: Meeting Abhisit

  21 December 2007

Bangkok Bugle meets Abhisit Vejjiva, the leader of Democracy Party and if his party wins the elections, the next prime minister of Thailand.

Cambodia: Monks Stopped From Petitioning

  20 December 2007

Bloggers outside and inside Cambodia are discussing the violent dispersal of monks who wanted to petition Vietnamese Embassy in Phnom Penh for unfair detainment of a Cambodian monk and Vietnam's absorption of Cambodian territory in the past. Read on for background to the incident and links to the blogs talking about the issue.