Preetam Rai · August, 2007

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Malaysia: Malaysia and AIDS

  28 August 2007

RantingsbyMM blogs about a recent conference on AIDS she attended in Sri Lanka. The blogger also touches on the attitude of some Malaysian officials who attend such conferences.

Brunei: Getting out of the Rut

  28 August 2007

Old man in Brunei contemplates the future of his country, one of the richest in South East Asia, and wonders if the easy going attitude of his countrymen will lead to Brunei loosing out to its neighbors.

Cambodia: An Honest Monk

  28 August 2007

Ly Sochiet describes a visit to a Pagoda with his friends and meeting a monk who refused to take offering money from him and his friends.

Laos: Keeping Wildlife off the Dinner Table

  28 August 2007

Laotian food blogger Darly is wondering how to keep Laotians from serving wild animals in their eateries. “How can you explain to the average citizens on the importance of preserving wildlife? Most people that I met in Laos are making day to day living based on their surroundings. They don’t...

Singapore: Bloggers Slam ISP

  28 August 2007

Singapore bloggers are angry with one of their ISPs for revealing customer data to a company. The company was trying to find out people who had allegedly downloaded anime from the internet.