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Thailand: Stereotyping Foreigners

  30 May 2007

The Siam Sentinel looks at the Thai habit of stereotyping foreigners. “It's not always the case but many Thais are still going by long believed stereotypes about how the Chinese, Indians, and farang are all cheats and out to steal something from the Thai people.”

Thailand: Blocking Pro-Thaksin Sites

  30 May 2007

Thai authorities have blocked more sites that support the former prime minister Thaksin. The Bangkok Bugle says the block might have a reverse effect with Thai people trying other means to figure out what Thaksin has to say.

Papua New Guinea: Elections

  28 May 2007

Islandbaby describes the dynamics of voting in Papua New Guinea. “So the result is that people, as extensions of familial and tribal groups, vote in context rather than on perspective and what comes out are unrealistic expectations which appear to have very little to do with the job of political...

Philippines: Local Campaigning

  28 May 2007

Mong Palatino, a candidate in the recent elections (and GlobalVoices contributor) in the Philippines gives us a glimpse into how campaigning is carried out at a local level. “I was not just a candidate for three months. I was also a blogger who became more fascinated in the particular ways...

East Timor: Notable Guests Visiting East Timor

  28 May 2007

Xananarepublic says interesting people are visiting East Timor at the moment. “There are a couple of people in East Timor at the moment who, if you get the chance, you should try and meet and maybe buy them a couple of beers.”

Singapore: Not Impressed by Twitter

  28 May 2007

Sheylara tries out Twitter and is not very impressed by it. “Where is the creativity? The entertainment value? The thing that will make people go, “Ahhh… that was worth my two seconds reading it.”?” (via

Cambodia: E-Visa and E-Visa Blog

  28 May 2007

Andy Brouwer likes the E-Visa facility offered by Cambodia. “The e-Visa website makes the process a straightforward one, uses paypal for the payment section and also contains a blog to keep you up to speed with further developments as well as a page for sharing your stories about your Cambodia...

Cambodia: Myanmar and Cambodia

  28 May 2007

The latest cartoon by Cambodian blogger/cartoonist Sacrava mocks the recent contacts between Cambodia's strong man Hun Sen and Myanmar's generals. Myanmar recently extended pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi's detention for one more year.

Brunei: Kaya Jam

  28 May 2007

Sing Yin prepares the local breakfast accompaniment kaya and shares the recipe and preparation on her blog.

Vietnam: Fibre Optic Cable Looting

  25 May 2007

SaigonNezumi writes about Vietnamese authorities nabbing under sea fiber-optic cable robbers. The bloggers asks “Who are the ones telling these smugglers the exact locations of the fiber-optic lines?”

Thailand: Blogspot Blocked

  25 May 2007

Bangkok Pundit writes about Thai internet service providers blocking blogs hosted on the popular domain. Seems the domain was blocked as there were some blogs hosted on the domain that were deemed offensive by the Thai ministry of communication and information technology.

Malaysia: New Blog Directory

  24 May 2007

Rocky's Bru points to a new project by the leading English newspaper in Malaysia to build a blog directory. The backers of the project herald it as a victory for freedom of speech. Rocky also links to another blogger who is not fully convinced with this idea.

Singapore: Museum's Online Repository

  23 May 2007

Noelbynature feels that the launch of an online repository of the collections from museums in Singapore a “great step forward in making the material cultures featured in the museums more accessible to the public”. The blogger further encourages the repository creators to “provide more details about the exhibits in their...

Indonesia: Saying Thanks in Indonesia

  23 May 2007

Sarapan Ekonomi starts of a debate on his blog by posting findings of a linguistics expert. The expert says that some Indonesians do not thank people whom they consider to be from a lower social group.

Brunei: Mysterious Grave

  23 May 2007

The Daily Brunei Resources takes us back to 15th century in order to unravel the mystery of a grave in the city centre of Brunei's capital.