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Thailand: Pro-Democracy Protests

  31 March 2007

Publiuspundit has a post on pro-democracy protest in Thailand and the military appointed prime minister's reluctance to declare a state of emergency in Thailand.

Singapore: Correcting Greek History

  29 March 2007

With the release of the movie 300 in Singapore, people are talking about Greek history. takes on a history teacher's letter to a newspaper in a bid to reflect the history more accurately.

Cambodia: Blog Training

  29 March 2007

The youth in Cambodia are very active helping their fellow citizen's learn blogging and get to grips with information technology. Vutha has some pictures from a recent training held in a Cambodian city.

Philippines: Installing Ubuntu

  28 March 2007

Connie in Philippines describes her experience of installing Ubuntu, a popular distribution of Linux operating system on her daughter's new laptop computer.

Thailand: Celebrity Life

  28 March 2007

Gnarlykitty in Thailand witnesses her celebrity cousin with her fans and muses on celebrity lives. “I don't admire celebrities for being famous but I admire them for their abilities to be able to put up with all these uncanny things attached to fame. Criticism, lack of privacy, being under media...

Malaysia: Politician Takes on Bloggers

  28 March 2007

Susan Loone blogs about a Malaysian politician who asked the government to “act against ‘insiders’ who reveal information to Internet blogs and news portals.”. The same politician had earlier caused a stir by uttering an obscene word in the parliament.

Indonesia: Laptop for MPs

  28 March 2007

Indonesia is considering equipping its MPs with laptops. Indonesia Matters asks “Now, what is the real purpose of them having laptop at the first place? I haven’t seen any argument, a real urgent need of laptop voiced from the House of Representatives that justifies that laptop is crucial for their...

East Timor: Want a Native First Lady

  27 March 2007

Republika Banana wants Francisco Guterres “Lu Olo” to win the upcoming presidential elections in East Timor as the blogger wants a native first lady. The other candidates either have foreign wives or are unmarried. One of the other candidate has a East Timorese wife but she has not lived long...

Thailand: Farang Beggars in Bangkok

  26 March 2007

Metroblogging Bangkok points to a video interview with a professional foreign beggar in Bangkok. “You know those farang who sit on the overpasses with signs begging for Baht to help them buy a plane ticket or something? They usually look like backpackers, and honestly they usually make me pretty sick....

Malaysia: Saving Native Languages

  26 March 2007

Jewelle is happy that her native language is being made an examination subject. The blogger feels that this would help save the language from extinction. “So I totally laud this new policy as I think this language is fast disappearing as more and more Sabahan parents do tend to speak...

Cambodia: Cloggers get Press

  26 March 2007

Cloggers – a self coined name by Cambodian bloggers themselves are happy that the mainstream media has an article on them. Dee Deehas more.

Brunei: Lawar – Brunein Traditional Dish

  26 March 2007

Maurina introduces Lawar, a traditional dish in Brunei. “What is interesting about lawar is that, it does not require any conventional form of cooking, e.g. frying, boiling, sauteing, grilling. Not to say that it is eaten raw just like that. On the contrary, it is cooked, but only using the...

Philippines: Internet Star

  22 March 2007

Mike Abundo has a post on Christine Gambino, a Filipina nursing student in the U.S. Gambito is giving up her nursing career to pursue her online career. “With one fell swoop, Christine has singlehandedly begun the viral transformation of the Filipina global image: from lowly-paid nurse to social media maven.”

Malaysia: Lying Bloggers

  22 March 2007

S.K. Thew in Malaysia questions Malaysian Information Minister's advice to people asking them to give more weight to what they read on mainstream media compared to blogs.