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Philippines: Taho Seller

  31 January 2007

Senor Enrique in Manila introduces us to Jun, a Taho seller. Taho is a popular sweet snack in Philippines and it is made with bean curd, liquefied raw sugar and tapioca balls.

Myanmar: Inle Lake

  31 January 2007

Bangkok Dazed takes us to Inle Lake, one of Myanmar's popular tourist destination. Inle Lake is a large fresh water lake in Shan state.

Malaysia: We Are Not Liars

  30 January 2007

Lucia Lai takes offence at her prime minister using the term “lairs” to describe bloggers who write negative posts about his leadership. “anyway, what is a lie? how do you define a lie? how can you tell that we lied? what made you think we lied? when we write something...

Malaysia: Upgrading to Vista

  30 January 2007

Life in a Cube wonders if he should upgrade his computer to the latest operating system from Microsoft. The blogger offers tips to others who might be thinking of upgrading.

Malaysia: Airline Fuel Surcharge

  30 January 2007

The blogger at Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin is asking the Malaysian Airlines to emulate other airlnes from the region and do away with the fuel surcharge as oil prices have come down. “Now the fuel price is down to about US$50 from the highs of US$70. The jet fuel price...

East Timor: Foreign Police and Peace Keepers

  29 January 2007

Beyond Teresa feels that criticism of international military and police forces that they act like they are on vacation in East Timor is wrong. “From a sociological and psychological point of view: these people are away from home and friends, in a tropical climate, and some have the chance to...

Philippines: Blog Parteeh 2007

  27 January 2007

Janette Toral congratulates the organisers of the latest Blogger's event in Philippines. The bloggers also lists what she achieved at the event.

Thailand: Thai Style Ministry of Culture in the US

  27 January 2007

Chani, a Thailand native living in the US, writes about the new Thai governement's campaign aimed at youngsters to improve their morals. The blogger asks if a similar effort would work in the US.”Do you believe that controlling some of that behavior in the schools here would be effective? Plenty...

Malaysia: Supporting The Bloggers

  26 January 2007

Ahfook in Malaysia is lists blog posts in support of the two bloggers who are being sued by a newspaper. The newspaper claims that the two bloggers have defamed the newspaper and its employees in their posts. The list is being maintained by Duller blog and by 4896 blog.

Indonesia: Movie on Bali Bombing

  26 January 2007

The Swanker talks about a new movies on the event related to the Bali Bombings of 2002 has just been released in Indonesia. The blogger says “In a majority-Muslim country, the importance of a frank portrayal of Islam's role in driving the terrorists to murder cannot be underestimated and certainly...

Malaysia: Helping Flood Victims

  25 January 2007

Kenny Sia is asking his readers to assist in the flood relief efforts in Southern Malaysia. “Getting hit by the flood is bad, but getting hit by the flood twice in a week is even more suay. While we're wondering where to go for a night out drinking, those kids...

Laos: Revisiting Laotian Modern History

  25 January 2007

The New Mandala links to a story from from the Boston Phoenix about the conflict in Lao between the US backed Lao Army forces and North Vietnamese backed Phathet Lao. The story was first published in 1972 and features a Lao Army officer talking about the lack of morale in...

Cambodia: Paying Fair Wages

  25 January 2007

Diana at Cambodia Calling compares her life in her former home Singapore to her current home Cambodia. The blogger also describes why her company, a garment manufacturing unit, believes in paying fare wages to the workers.

Malaysia: Foreign Students

  24 January 2007

Rajan counters fellow Malaysian blogger Rauff's comments against foreign students. Rauff suggests that foreign students increase social problems and local kids would learn from them. Rajan says foreign students “add to the diversity of a university in a meaningful way“.

Vietnam: Visiting Hue

  23 January 2007

Virtual Doug gives us a pictorial tour of the alleys in Hue, the former royal capital city of Vietnam.

Malaysia: Website Formed to Support Bloggers

  23 January 2007

Mavericksym blog introduces a website called bloggers united that has been launched to support the two bloggers being sued by a Malaysian newspaper for defamation. The support site is run by Susan Loone who says “Take heart my friends. Our movement is growing. This black dot in the history of...