Preetam Rai · August, 2006

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Brunei: Stray Dogs

  30 August 2006

The blogger at Our Local Style looks at the problem of stray dogs in Brunei and suggest a solution. “It’s also unfair to punish the animals for what I perceive to be our own crimes. These strays didn’t just pop out of thin air. Where did they come from? Abandoned...

Indonesia: Patient vs. Pharma

  30 August 2006

Indonesia anonymus relates a co-worker's experience on a visit to a doctor. The post talks about certain doctors favouring pharmaceutical companies sometimes at the expense of the patients.

Vietnam: Trip to Halong Bay

  29 August 2006

Vietnamese God vists Halong bay – one of the popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. The bloggers posts some pictures and reflects “It was so quiet, nothing much happening around, just the boat engine going sometimes on and off. Sitting on the top of the boat in that peaceful atmosphere made...

Cambodia: Web Portal and Destructive People

  29 August 2006

Vutha in Cambodia is upset with people who are causing disruptions in a community web portal project. The project known as the Community Information Center Webportal Cambodia (CIC webportal) was inactive for a while and the blogger is helping it become active again. “Finally, I am not sure whether CIC...

Malaysia: Mahatir's Lament

  29 August 2006

Ktemoc covers the latest attempt by former Malaysian prime minister Mahatir to claim back the centrestage in Malaysian politics. Mahatir was one of the longest serving leaders in the world. He retired from active politics after handing over the power to Ahmad Badawi [AAB] couple of years back. Recently, Mahatir...

Mayanmar: Myanmar Tycoons

  28 August 2006

The blogger at Man Actually reads about someone from Myanmar winning one of the bids for a posh property in Singapore. “Then.. My mind went busy to list the latest myanmar tycoons. Who could that be? There are no Bill Gates of Myanmar. No steel magnet. And no big corporate...

Singapore: Rod Steiger of South East Asia

  25 August 2006

Enterprise Resilience Management Blog compares Singapore to Hollywood actor Rod Steiger. Steiger took on a wide variety of roles across genres making him the most connected actor. “Connectivity is also a good thing when talking about the global economy. The Rod Steiger of Southeast Asia is Singapore. That nation has...

Thailand: North Korean Refugees

  25 August 2006

Bangkok Pundit replies to a comment that was posted on a forum and was critical of Thailand's role in handling refugees from North Korea. Earlier this week, Thai police raided and detained 175 North Koreans who were hiding in a church home in Bangkok.

Malaysia: How Un-Malaysian Are You?

  25 August 2006

Malaysian blogger Kenny Sia put up a quiz that helps his readers answer how un-Malaysian they are. “Some say driving rudely is intrinsically Malaysian, but in Australia their drivers are a hundred times worse than Malaysian drivers. Similarly, your IC might say you're Malaysian, but when you listen to Britney...

Thailand: Medical Tourism

  25 August 2006

Lao Ocean Girl talks about the booming medical tourism industry in Thailand. “Not only are the facilities in Thailand first class, prices are cheap when compared to the West. For example, when I had a filling done in southern California at a dinky clinic, it cost me $100 (for less...