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I was born in Hong Kong. By the time I was six, I'd lived in four cities on three continents, learned four languages and forgotten three of them. I have a B.A. in Oriental Studies from the University of Arizona and have traveled extensively in Asia and Europe. I now live in New York, where I'm a student at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. My personal blog lives at

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Images From Indonesia: Hi, It Stop Working!

  9 November 2005

“Hi, It Stop Working” by Budi Sukmana A tuk-tuk driver in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, pushes his stalled vehicle and its passengers to safety during a sudden downpour. Note: We found this photograph because the photographer tagged this image with the “globalvoices” tag in Flickr, making it easy for us...

Images from Japan: Oko

  17 October 2005

“Oko” by MC MasterChef A small grill/noodle shop in Oko, a small town near Hiroshima. Note that most of the counter space is actually a cooking surface.

China: Hitch in the Alibaba deal?

  16 August 2005

China Herald comments on an article pointing out that many of the goods for sale on Alibaba, the Chinese internet portal that Yahoo! is heavily investing in, are counterfit.

China: PLA Wanted ads

  16 August 2005

Hong Kong-based blog Simon World looks at the PLA's policy towards marriage and co-habitiation in the ranks.

Singapore: A protest in sunny Singapore

  12 August 2005

Omeka Na Huria posts a first-hand account from a peaceful political protestor in Singapore. The four protestors were met by more than a dozen of Singapore's finest riot police in full riot gear.