Sokari Ekine

I am a Nigerian living in Spain where I have just resigned from a three year stint as an organic farmer. I started blogging 18 months ago with the idea of presenting a progressive and feminst perspective of Africa and the African Diaspora. I am interested in seeking out ways to encourage more Africans to blog and creating a community of grassroots African bloggers as a way/space for Africans to exchange ideas and strategies for effecting change in our communities, share experiences and tell our own stories in our own words. My other interests include writing poetry, literature, walking, globe trotting, anything geeky and I am fanatical about music. I blog at Black Looks.

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African Women This Month

  27 August 2006

Literature, music and blog redesigns are three of the themes in the African women's blogosphere this month. Molara Wood and Mama's Junkyard have both redesigned their blogs. Molara has chosen to stick with but takes on a new name, Wordsbody. Mama's Junkyard ungrades to WordPress with a new colour...

African women’s voices this week

  23 July 2006

Concoction on Humanities for African Leaders the modern way of doing politics especially in Africa is so far away from doing “dialogue publicly” that we have had an ‘interesting’ version of democracy…….Politics, which the ancient Greeks defined as public dialogue, is unfortunatelly measured by some sort of wierd election that...

Rapping in USA – First impressions

  30 June 2006

K'Naan: Rapping about war He describes his first impression of America as “strange”, recalling the time his family first landed in New York. “I remember asking my father, ‘so this is America, huh?’ How is it possible that there's this great big building that's vacant and there's homeless people sleeping...

Sudan: Condoms hit

  30 June 2006

Sudanese Thinker - the condom debate finallys hits Sudan……”I think the UN should air drop hundreds of thousands of condoms on Sudan.”

Somalia: Rap about war

  30 June 2006 on Somali rapper: “K'Naan: Rapping about war” ” K'Naan's own story is more remarkable than most, involving a harrowing odyssey that would see him exiled from his war-torn country before living in New York's Harlem district and eventually settling Toronto. Having grown up in an artistic family within the...

South Africa: Sanitation woes

  30 June 2006

African Houseit on South Africa's sanitaton woes.…”South Africa's underfunded, badly managed sewage works in many towns are “ticking timebombs” that could lead to outbreaks of waterborne diseases, while drinking water in many rural towns fails to meet government health standards”

London: Remember Anthony

  30 June 2006

Pilgrimage to Self informs us that “Marie Fatayi – Williams has written a book in memory of her son Anthony who was killed in the July bombings in London last year”

Nigeria: Visit to Cameroon

  30 June 2006

Lawal Adekunle of Unlag Students reports on his recent visit to the Cameroons..…”It is situated at the bottom of the Cameroon Mountain, the second largest mountain in Africa. Houses situated in Buea do not use air conditioners; because the clouds which cover the mountain top, sometimes come down and cover...

Nigeria: Commissions, Commissions Commissions

  30 June 2006

Nigerian blog, NSpace comments on Nigeria's obsession with Commissions Commissions Commissions and the “the reaction of the Hon. Minister for Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala to allegations made by the Chairman of The Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission Engr”

Ethiopia: A little football history

  30 June 2006

Ethiopian Politics has a break from politics to write about – guess what? Soccer..,”remember Mr.Yidnekachew Tessema (Father of African sports). If it were not for this pioneering individual Africa would still be sending only two teams to the world cup.”

Botswana: Nata Village Blog

  30 June 2006

The Nata Village Blog writes a response to their readers on what the blog means to the people of Nata, Botswana They will be publishing personal reports from the Village over the next few weeks

Kenya: Traffickers acquitted

  30 June 2006

You Missed This reports on Kenyan drug traffickers who have been acquitted after one year and half years in prison…….”This week the man with nine lives bounced back and was acquitted by a Nairobi court for lack of evidence. Co-accussed David Mugo wasn't so lucky and was found guilty, jailed...

Uganda: Joseph Kony – LRA

  30 June 2006

My Heart's in Accra writes about the strangeness of LRA leader Joseph Kony - Since receiving weaponry and support from Khartoum, Kony’s rhetoric has expanded to include adherance to some aspects of Muslim doctrine, prohibiting his followers from eating pork and demanding they observe Ramadan. Oh, and he’s a spirit...

Africa: SSA says goodbye

  30 June 2006

Regional Editors are not supposed to post material from their own blogs but today being my last day and needing to say goodbye, I am making an exception to that rule ……………..Black Looks – (Sub Saharan Africa Editor) says her goodbye to Global Voices and thanks her team of volunteers...