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Aka Kenyan Pundit. I'm from Kenya and graduated with a J.D. from Harvard Law School in June 2005. I will be spending a year and Africa working on human rights and technology policy issues. While in law school, I interned with the World Bank's Department of Institutional Integrity and worked as a summer associate at Covington and Burling, Washington DC. I have a wide range of interests spanning from the intersection between law and technology (heavily nurtured by my status as a Berkman Center groupie), to the challenge of expanding the space available for young Africans to participate in expressing themselves and shaping their future. You could probably refer to me as a (cool) nerd. When I'm not trying to keep up with my attempts to accommodate all my interests, I enjoy indulging in activities that do not require much thought (and maybe this will be the year that I start working out!).

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What's going on in the African blogosphere

  9 October 2005

Some snippets from the African blogosphere. - Gatwiri takes issue with the July/August edition of Foreign Policy magazine which classifies Kenya as a failed state. He points out that, “The source of the research material is also incredulous. They say they used software to analyse data from tens of thousands...

Kenyan Blogosphere Roundup

  24 September 2005

- First things first. The Kenyan Blogs WebRing recently celebrated it's first birthday and crossed the 100 member threshold. Congratulations are in order. Here are some snippets of the amazing community that is Kenya Unlimited. - Bankelele offers up helpful information regarding buying shares on the Kenyan stock exchange from...

What's going on in the Kenyan Blogosphere

  24 June 2005

Image via Haidhuru - The Kenyan budget was recently announced and the Kenyan blogosphere was on hand to provide commentary. Ms. K notes that though she's no budget expert, since “there was a whole House-full of Jack/Jill Arses who sat through the whole thing. I figure that by any estimation,...

Kenyan Blogs Roundup

  30 May 2005

This is long overdue. - Scentiments on something that many Kenyan bloggers based in the diaspora can relate to – missing Kenya. - Kenyan politicians inspire a WTF moment. - This is probably not what the proponents of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act envisioned. Also via Bankelele, book lovers...

Kenyan blogs roundup

  4 May 2005

Lucy Kibaki, Kenya's First Lady, has been dominating the Kenyan blogosphere and Kenyan online community over the last few days, particularly after the slap that was heard around the world. A sample of reactions: - Thinker provides the tongue-in-cheek version of events. - Martin Kimani of Bullets and Honey thinks...

What's going on in the Kenyan blogosphere.

  13 April 2005

Mental Acrobat on why politics rocks and why Africa needs millions of students of politics. Mama Junkyard is “confuddled” (please give her props for coining this term) about her blog identity versus her real identity. Do those distinct identities even exist, are they two different people, would they like each...

Kenyan Blogosphere round-up

  6 April 2005

I've been thinking about doing a weekly or bi-monthly highlight of what's going on in Kenyan blogs for a while now, especially since the number of Kenyan blogs has been steadily on the rise over the last few months. Thanks to some prodding from Ethan, here's my first attempt. Bankelele...