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Azerbaijan: Seki

  20 April 2008

Exerro continues its journey through Azerbaijan with a fleeting visit to an observatory included. The travel blog says that despite the depressing relics and environmental damage of the Soviet era, the country is beautiful. In particular, the 17th or 18th century caravanserai hotel in Seki was a wonderful surprise. The...

Armenia: Wedding

  20 April 2008

Kyle's Journey in Armenia attends a local wedding and offers a fascinating account of some of the traditions which make tying the knot a day to remember. Although Armenians pride themselves on being the first nation to officially adopt Christianity as its state religion, most of the customs take place...

Armenia: Homophobic Values

  18 April 2008

Unzipped: Gay Armenia comments on the recent suicide of a 22-year-old ethnic Armenian living in the United States. According to the blog, the young man killed himself after being forced into marriage by his family who were ashamed of his homosexuality. The blog says that the story represents the homophobic...

Armenia: Independent TV Station Faces Closure

  17 April 2008

Blogian comments on what many consider to be the imminent and effective closure of a regional TV station broadcasting in Armenia's second largest city of Gyumri. The station has been under pressure from the authorities since covering the activities of a former head of state and presidential candidate in the...

Azerbaijan: Peace Corps FAQ

  17 April 2008

Carolyn & Jesse's Azerbaijan Peace Corps Blog posts an entry answering the most common questions received from readers ranging from inquiries about computer access to attitudes towards single and married women. Intriguingly, concerns about the availability of can openers in Azerbaijan also makes the list.

Nagorno Karabakh: Human Rights Ombudsperson

  17 April 2008

Unzipped commends the breakaway and self-declared Republic of Nagorno Karabakh for electing its first human rights ombudsperson. Although some concerns still remain with regards to figures working in an official capacity, the blog says that recent experience in Armenia has shown that such positions are necessary for democratic development as...

Armenia: Rising Gas Prices

  16 April 2008

The Armenian Observer questions why prices for natural gas will rise. In particular, the blog examines the end of a government subsidy based on the dollar-dram exchange rate despite fluctuations in the currency exchange market.

Georgia: Tourism Development

  16 April 2008

Social Science in the Caucasus examines Georgia's fledgling post-Soviet tourism industry and takes one ski resort as an example. After previously failed attempts at privatization, the blog says that with each step of progress, other problems emerge which reflect many of the issues facing the former Soviet republic.

Caucasus: Development Index

  16 April 2008

Social Science in the Caucasus examines statistics used to determine the performance of Armenia and Azerbaijan by the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Three main policy categories — namely, Ruling Justly, Investing in People, and Economic Freedom — are examined. While the blog says that Georgia is showing progress, the two other...

Armenia: Moulding the Future?

  16 April 2008

Marilisa Lorusso's Blog examines the post-state of emergency situation in Armenia now that the prime minister, Serge Sargsyan, has taken up the presidency. In particular, the blog examines his inaugural address and questions some of its content. Nevertheless, the blog says that there might be some cause for hope.

Armenia: Cultural Nuances

  16 April 2008

Dominic in Armenia writes about some of the many cultural nuances experienced by foreigners living in country. From outbreaks of spontaneous dancing to having to contend with chains of people walking on the street, the Peace Corps Volunteer particularly notes that Armenians can be quite frank in their criticism of...

Armenia: Support Eurovision

  16 April 2008

Unzipped weighs in with its own opinion on whether or not Armenia's entry to the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest should be supported given the active involvement of local pop stars in the pre-election campaign of the new president, Serge Sargsyan. Some had been considering a boycott of the competition, but...

Armenia: Arthouse Cinema

  13 April 2008

Unzipped: Gay Armenia commends the National Art Gallery in Armenia for establishing the best and perhaps only arthouse cinema in the country's capital, Yerevan. In particular, the blog notes that some films being screened are still banned in other countries.

Armenia: Opposition Boycott Eurovision

  13 April 2008

The Armenian Observer reports that the politicization of the Eurovision Song Contest is continuing with the opposition in Armenia considering a boycott of the music competition and Armenia's entry, Sirusho. The young singer has been linked to the outgoing president's family and campaigned for his successor, Serge Sargsyan, in the...

Georgia: NATO MAP Rejected

  13 April 2008

TOL Georgia comments on the country's failure to be accepted into the Membership Action Plan (MAP) by NATO at its recent summit in Bucharest. Citing the example of Albania, the blog is pessimistic about Georgia's chances of entering the alliance in the near future especially given a lack of progress...

Armenia: Revolution?

  13 April 2008

A new blog, Armenian Politics, has an interesting first post on the post-election protests staged by supporters of former president, Levon Ter-Petrossian. It asks has the “revolution” failed, or is it merely a work in progress?

Armenia: Post-Election Death Toll Rises

  11 April 2008

Unzipped reports that the death toll from the 1 March clashes between opposition supporters and security services has risen to nine. The latest casualty is a nineteen year old serviceman who sustained gunshot wounds during the post-election unrest. The same blog also reports that a case investigating the hit and...

Armenia: Presidential Photo Opportunity

  11 April 2008

The Armenian Patchwork reports that it is now possible for residents of Yerevan to have their photographs taken alongside life size images of various presidents such as George W. Bush and the newly inaugurated president, Serge Sargsyan.

Armenia: Gender Trouble

Unzipped: Gay Armenia reports on an exhibition staged yesterday to mark observance of Motherhood and Beauty Day in Yerevan. The exhibition was staged to remind people that the “real meaning […] has been erased from people’s memories.”

Armenia: Political Spring Poem

The Armenaker Kamilion posts an English translation of a post-election poem written by fugitive radical opposition leader Nikol Pashinian. The young newspaper editor is currently on the run following the 1 March clashes between opposition supporters and the security services in Yerevan.

Armenia: Women's Day Protest

  7 April 2008

The Armenian Observer reports on a small gathering outside the general prosecutor's office in Yerevan to protest the imprisonment of their male relatives following the 1 March post-election clashes between the opposition and police. The event was staged to mark Motherhood and Beauty Day and the post also includes a...

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