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Armenia: Language Problem

  27 January 2008

Armenia continues its reports on life as a volunteer from the Armenian Diaspora living and working in the country. In particular, the blogger says, knowing Russian can be a disadvantage for ethnic Armenians hoping to learn or improve their local language skills.

Armenia: Dictator of the Month

  27 January 2008

The Armenia Blog comments on the discovery of a website, Dictator of the Month, that includes the former Armenian president and candidate for next month's election, Levon Ter-Petrossian, in its notorious list of undemocratic leaders.

Armenia: Gays in the Diaspora

  27 January 2008

Unzipped: Gay Armenia comments on how being homosexual or lesbian is still considered a taboo subject to talk about in the Armenian Diaspora. The blogger also links to and discusses an academic paper on the LGBT Armenians at UCLA.

Armenia: Election Time

  27 January 2008

A Flying Kiwi in Armenia reports that campaigning for next month's presidential election has begun and the atmosphere is getting “a little frantic.” The blogger says that while former president Levon Ter-Petrossian has some support in society, the favorite remains the prime minister who has the “entire public service throwing...

Armenia: On The Campaign Trail

  27 January 2008

My Armenia Election Monitor 2008 has accounts and photographs of meetings with voters now that the official pre-election campaign period in Armenia is finally underway. In the first three, rallies by former president Levon Ter Petrosian and prime minister Serge Sargsyan are covered while there is also a brief look...

Armenia: Predictable Presidential Election

  23 January 2008

Halfway Down the Danube takes a look at the start of the pre-election campaign ahead of next month's presidential election in Armenia. The blog says that all signs are that the prime minister, Serge Sargsyan, will win and not least because of the administrative resources at his disposal. However, the...

Caucasus: High Speed Internet

  23 January 2008

Social Science in the Caucasus says that 3 percent of Georgians have Internet access at home, but that it's quality leaves something to be desired. While Azerbaijan has the fastest download speed in the region, the Caucasus still lags behind the developed world.

Azerbaijan: Living is Easy?

  23 January 2008

Carolyn & Jesse's Azerbaijan Peace Corps Blog says that life in Azerbaijan during the winter isn't so easy, but it is interesting. The two PCVs describe living through the cold season in the land of fire.

Armenia: Presidential Election Day 2

  23 January 2008

The Armenian Patchwork reports on day two of the official pre-election campaign for next month's presidential election in Armenia. She posts photographs of a rally held by presidential hopeful and former head of state Levon Ter-Petrosian in the Armenian capital, Yerevan. Despite the cold weather, thousands of supporters from the...

Turkey: Crocodile Tears?

  21 January 2008

Erkan's Field Diary posts an account of attending Saturday's memorial to slain Turkish-Armenian newspaper editor Hrant Dink in Istanbul on the first anniversary of his murder by an ultra-nationalist youth. The blogger says that while he is pleased to see some consensus in Turkish society about the tragedy of Dink's...

Armenia: Presidential Election Monitor

  20 January 2008

My Armenia Election Monitor 2008 blog is now fully up and running and in cooperation with GV Author The Armenian Observer, it is anticipated that a weekly round up of discussion and debate in the Armenian, Russian and English language blogospheres will be made available through Global Voices Online. The...

Armenia: Pay-Per-Sachet

  20 January 2008

Kyle’s Journey in Armenia reports that Peace Corps Volunteers and other expat workers in Yerevan, the Armenian capital, are delighted by the opening of the country's first ever Kenty Fried Chicken franchise. However, the blogger remarks, not everybody is happy that ketchup is sold by the sachet.

Azerbaijan: The Day the Soviet Union Died

  20 January 2008

Window on Eurasia remembers the events and circumstances surrounding Black Friday, 20 January 1990, when Soviet troops went on the rampage in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku. The blog says the event marked the end of the former Soviet Union.

Turkey: Dink on LGBT Issues

  20 January 2008

On the first anniversary of the murder of Hrant Dink in Istanbul, Turkey, Unzipped: Gay Armenia remembers the slain newspaper editor and journalist speaking on Turkey-Armenia relations as well as family and gay issues.

Turkey: Remembering Hrant Dink

  20 January 2008

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the murder of ethnic Armenian newspaper editor and journalist Hrant Dink in Istanbul, Turkey. Dink was shot outside the office of the Agos newspaper on 19 January 2007. A prolific advocate for civil, human and minority rights in Turkey, Dink was killed by 17-year-old Ogun Samast.

Armenia: Election Symbolism & Slogans

  19 January 2008

Bekaisa posts an image of what looks like a badge designed and created for the pre-election campaign of former president, Levon Ter-Petrossian. The image of a clenched fists at an opposition rally has provoked an interesting discussion in English and Russian on the use of symbols and slogans for the...

Armenia: Vote Bribes

  19 January 2008

Bekaisa posts an appeal to the Armenian government as well as the electorate demanding that the former not offer bribes in exchange for votes, and urging the latter not to accept financial incentives for their support. Instead she appeals to voters to protect their votes.

Armenia: Copyright Infringement?

  18 January 2008

As a photojournalist as well as blogger, I have made low resolution images shot for next month's presidential election in Armenia available for free use by other bloggers in the hope that presentation in the local blogosphere improves. However, when licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works license I...

Armenia: Discredited Opinion Polls

  18 January 2008

Unzipped comments on news that the U.S. Embassy and the International Republican Institute (IRI) have scrapped plans to hold an exit poll during next month's presidential election. Although the blogger was initially in favor of the idea, he now says that while the decision can be considered bad news, it...

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