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Armenia: Agra Hadig

Martuni or Bust reports on the tradition of agra hadig which celebrates the appearance of a baby's first tooth. A large collection of objects is also placed in front of the child, and whichever one he or she chooses is said to determine their later profession.

Armenia: NATO Cooperation

Window on Eurasia argues that Armenia's continued involvement in exercises staged under the auspices of the NATO Partnership for Peace Program marks an increasingly evident move towards Western rather than Russia military structures.

Armenia: Hacked Attack Sites?

Nazarian reports that two Armenian sites, Policy Forum Armenia and my own The Caucasian Knot, have been flagged as attack sites by Google. 517 Design carries more information on what appears to be the work of hackers.

Azerbaijan: Shop Baku

Visiting Azerbaijan? A new blog, Shop Baku, offers helpful tips for foreigners in the country including a helpful list of food names in Azerbaijani and English as well as a cheat sheet for buying produce from markets and shops.

Caucasus: Cuil Search Engine

Social Science in the Caucasus puts new search engine Cuil through a series of tests to evaluate its worth as a research tool in the region. The blog concludes that Google has nothing to worry about.

Armenia: Driving in the Caucasus

Having arrived in Armenia for an internship, It's Very European to Stand… comments on driving in the capital, Yerevan, and concludes that crossing the road can be hazardous and sometimes life-threatening.

Azerbaijan: US Election Conference

Michael J. Totten's Middle East Journal reports that it will be visiting Azerbaijan next month for a conference on the U.S. Presidential Election and locally related matters. The blog also solicits questions from its readers which can be put to senior government officials in the country as well as religious...

Armenia: Divided Blogosphere

Following news that two bloggers were allowed to attend a presidential press conference, Unzipped comments on the event and says that the unprecedented event was actually a disservice to the local blogging community. The pro-opposition Nazarian accuses the bloggers of serving the government.

Georgia: Hacker Attack

The Threat Expert Blog reports that political tensions between Russia and Georgia over the breakaway region of South Ossetia have spilled over into cyberspace. The IT security blog implies that Russian hackers were behind a DOS attack on the website of the Georgian president, Mikhail Saakashvili.

Azerbaijan: Dolma

Farida’s Azerbaijani Cookbook says that dolma — vegetables stuffed with meat — is one of the most popular dishes in Azerbaijan during the summer months. The cookery blog provides a detailed recipe for anyone interested in trying out the regional dish.

Georgia: Culture of Democracy

Steady State comments on the state of democracy in Georgia. The blog examines the situation and the attitude of the authorities towards the pro-opposition media and a report prepared by the human rights ombudsperson which was highly critical of the 7 November dispersal of an opposition protest in the Georgian...

Georgia: Political Comeback

Steady State comments on the return of Nino Burjanadze to active politics in Georgia. The blog notes that although Burjanadze was one of the three main figures responsible for the 2003 Rose Revolution, she is now seeking to become a viable opposition in Georgia. However, the blog notes, as a...

Armenia: Presidential Election Report

Social Science in the Caucasus comments on a report issued by Policy Forum Armenia (PFA) on the 19 February presidential election in the country. The blog notes that while the report does not provide definite proof of electoral fraud, its data and statistical analysis indicates the high likelihood of falsification...

Armenia/Turkey: Reconciliation?

Unzipped says that while the first 100 days of the new Armenian president, Serge Sargsyan, were a missed opportunity to implement major changes in the country, they were notable for what appears to be an unprecedented opportunity for reconciliation with Turkey. Commenting on news reports, the blog says that there...

Azerbaijan: Homophobia, Politics & Corruption

Unzipped: Gay Armenia continues to detail the ongoing saga of Agil Khalil, an opposition reporter in Azerbaijan, who was recently stabbed. Although the authorities in Baku continue to maintain that the perpetrator of the attack was a jilted former-lover, the blog notes that international organizations have determined the following trial...

Armenia: Gay Rights

Unzipped: Gay Armenia comments on letters published in the Boston-based The Armenian Weekly discussing gay rights and same-sex marriage. The blog says the letters set an important precedent for fighting for gay and human rights issues and hopes that the same will occur in Armenia proper.

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