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Japan: The King of Foreign Otaku in Japan

  15 May 2007

Last week, TV Tokyo aired a compeition between foreign otaku. In the end, Chang from Hong Kong was crowned champion. James in Japan Probe put together video clips with comments on the programme.

China: History Problem

  15 May 2007

Japan Observer notices that the twenty-first century China has been alienated from its past: The vacuum of the modern past seems to be filled, instead, with the hollowed-out and commercialized vestiges of the imperial past, the heirlooms of China's ancient civilization that the CCP has “naturally” inherited.

South Korea: Bird Starvation

  15 May 2007

R. Elgin from Marmot's Hole blogs on the Korea government project on turning wetland into farmland in the past 15 years, which leads to bird starvation and extinction.

South Korea: FTA Renegotiation?

  15 May 2007

Jamie from Two Koreas quotes from local newspapers on the possibility that the Kor-US FTA will have to be re-negotiated to better take into consideration a number of labour and environmental issues.

China: Zola in Guangzhou

  14 May 2007

Citizen reporter Zola has travelled to Guangzhou [zh] to cover stories concerning nail house at Li Wan. The house owner has written down his will on the wall of his house to show his determination.

China: The Blame Game

  14 May 2007

Positive solution comments in details on an article in China Daily which criticised western media reports on China environmental problem.

Macau: Press freedom statement

  14 May 2007

The Macau Journalist association has published a statement at their blog[zh] against the intervention of press freedom, in particular, on the May Day demonstration report. According to the statement, the Macau government information department sent staffs to the Macau T.V station to help the news room editing the news report...

Hong Kong: PLA berth at City Center

  14 May 2007

I have written up a citizen report on the PLA berth plan at the new central harbour front at interlocals.net: It is not that we are opposed to the PLA berth, but the symbolism of having PLA berth at Central waterfront is very bad. Central as a political and financial...

Hong Kong: Guilty for Hyperlink and for Sex Talk

  11 May 2007

The Hong Kong government is encouraging family to have three babies, at the same time, it is so keen on censoring away information concerning sex. Of course sex is not all about giving birth, but how can we have babies without sex? Guess the government will advocate test tube babies...

Hong Kong: Obscene hyperlink

  11 May 2007

Charles Mok blogs about a recent court case in Hong Kong that a hyperlink to porn website has been ruled as Obscene and is subject to a HKD5000 fine.

China: Stock Bubble

  11 May 2007

Imaginethief warns that the Shanghai stock market has reached the top of the bubbles: I would also like to offer the follow entirely unsolicited investment advice: Sell you morons! Sell everything! Get out! Get out while you can, for god's sake!

China: DANWEI Great Fire Wall-ed?

  11 May 2007

Serveral reports (China herald and Shanghaiist) from the internet about DANWEI being great fired walled (blocked). DANWEI is a most significant source for Chinese news and discussions for the English speaking world.

China: Chrysanthemum is dead?

  10 May 2007

huangzhangjin from bullog asked whether chrysanthemum is dead [zh]. What is chrysanthemum? Positive solution explains the secret code: Farewell, Comrade Huang Ju.

China: Internet Cost

  10 May 2007

Fons Tuinstra blogs about a debate about whether China's internet access is too expensive. According to the World Bank report, the price is ten times higher than developed countries.

China: Wen's talk on culture

  9 May 2007

Chai jing blogs about Prime Minister Wen Jia-bo talk with the cultural circle: No matter whether it is academic or artistic performance, its superiority cannot be judged by administrative order. It depends on hard academic exporation, artistic practice and democratic discussion, in the end, it is judged by practice, history...