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China: Mistakes On Freedom of Speech

  18 February 2008

Zhao Mu re-posted an anonymous blog post on a few mistakes frequently committed by mainland Chinese on the principle of Freedom of speech: 1. The over emphasis on there is no “absolute” freedom of speech; 2. Rumor and Defamation shouldn't be included in freedom of speech; 3. Issue concerning with...

Hong Kong: Suspected to Resemble Gillian Chung

  18 February 2008

Duimanpark discusss about the funny language in the recent sex photo scandal and wonders if English speakers would understand the commonly used phrase in local mainstream media: “nude photographs of a woman suspected to resemble Gillian Chung.”

Japan: Sex and Marriage

  15 February 2008

Ping mag has an interview with Sumie Kawakami, who has spent two years interviewing Japanese women on issues related with sex and marriage.

Japan: Hand Towel Dolls

  15 February 2008

Lee from Tokyo Times posts a new manga figure called hand towel hero. Apart from this hero, there are some other cute hand towel doll pictures in his post.

China: Politician and Artor

  15 February 2008

Wang Xiao feng comments on the Edison sex photo scandal and points out that politician and actor shared similar nature, both have a mask on their faces. So there is no reason to expect them to be genuine (zh).

China: Squeezed To Death On Train

  15 February 2008

Xici.net posts a note by the family of a rural migrant worker. The 46 years old Sichuan rural migrant was squeezed to death on a train when she was travelling back home during lunar new year. The family hopes reporters can write about the case as the railway department should...

China: Taxi Driver Hunger Strike

  14 February 2008

Jesse Owen blogs about the blue truck taxi driver hunger strike in Ningbo, Zhejiang. The mainstream media has very little cover on the issue and Jesse has some first hand information and photos.

Japan: Okinawa Outrage

  14 February 2008

Japan Observer follows up the incident of the raping of 14 years old girl by U.S marine and explains its political implications on U.S presence in Japan.

South Korea and China: What If Sungnyemun Arson Happened In X?

  14 February 2008

Yi shao from my1510 imagined how would the government respond to the Sungnyemun Arson if it happened in X country rather than South Korea? Obviously no government official would step down and all the responsibility would be taken by the suspect. Moreover, in the official media, the government would become...

Hong Kong: Apologize for What?

  13 February 2008

One of the victim of the sex photo scandal Gillian Chung finally broke her silence. In her statement she claimed that she was too innocent and she apologized for causing the social damage. Cow wondered what she apologized for. The blogger felt that such gesture implied a victory of conservative...

China: Expecting Democracy in 2008

  13 February 2008

At the eve of Lunar New Year, Zou Tao and Li Tie was holding a banner “2008, expecting democracy in China” in the most busy street of Shenzhen city for celebrating the new year – via sun fuquan's blog (zh).

Hong Kong: Another Hyperlink Case

  13 February 2008

The sex photo scandal has developed into another test case for the nature of hyperlink as “distribution” of indecent and obscene article. This time, the suspect posted a hyperlink of a compressed file stored in overseas server. I have written an article on that via inmediahk.net (zh).

Hong Kong: 6 Reasons Not to See the New Photos

  12 February 2008

Moliuology listed out 6 reasons not to see the new photos concerning the sex photos scandal: 1. repetitive; 2. people's response is too hypocritical; 3. don't want to have too many friends; 4. weekend rally against the police abuse of power has delivered protest idea; 5. enough; 6. need to...