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Hong Kong: B.T. piracy case appeal rejected

  21 May 2007

The Court of Final Appeal dismissed the appeal of Chan Nai-ming, who had been convicted and sentenced to three months’ jail for uploading infringing movies to the Internet by using the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file-sharing program. Charles Mok comments that even some individuals have abused the technology, the direction of prosecution...

Hong Kong: Indecent Google Link

  21 May 2007

Because of the recent debate about the ruling of Obscene Article Tribunal in Hong Kong, the mainstream media found out that the Tribunal had once ruled a Google search hyperlink to an online novel which depicted violent acts as category II indecent article. Charles Mok questioned (zh) the credibility of...

Taiwan: Farmers Associations and Rural Politics

  21 May 2007

Michael Turton has a very elaborated post on the history of farmer associations in Taiwan, which is related with colonialism. In recent year, the farmer associations faced very serious debt problem and the solution seems to be highly political.

Hong Kong: judicial independence with a special Hong Kong characteristic?

  21 May 2007

ESWN put together information, mainstream news reports and blogpost that investigate the accountability of the Hong Kong Obscene Articles Tribunal and found out that the so-called judicial independence of the Tribunal is highly questionable: the adjudicators are self-selected volunteers and they are giving interview with the mainstream media on the...

South Korea: Bruce Cumings interview

  21 May 2007

Timothy Savage and Kang Sung-gwan from Ohmynews have an interview with Bruce Cumings, an expert specialized in Korean history, on issues including social and political development of Korea, North Korea crisis and international relation.

Hong Kong: From Indecent Student Magazine to Indecent Bible

  20 May 2007

The campaign against the Bible was started by an anonymous website, truthbible, on 15 of May to protest against the Obscene Articles Tribunal's (OAT) internim ruling that two issues of Chinese University's student paper were indecent. Uptill now, the website has received 2041 complaints, while the Television and Entertainment Licensing...

China: Xiamen University

  18 May 2007

Rosu writes about a recent signature campaign by experts and professors in Xiamen university to stop a grand polluted project in Xiamen. Even though it is yet to know the result of the campaign, the writer concluded that [zh] “When local government's power overrules public opinion, one person's fever would...

China: Harmonious Wording for Advertisement?

  18 May 2007

Wangxiaofeng criticised [zh] the hypocritical nature of the criticisms towards housing property advertisements which used words like “supreme”, “luxurious”, etc. Can we change the reality by changing the wording of ads?

China: Internet politics

  17 May 2007

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI translates an interview with Yu Guoming, a vice-dean of the Renmin University School of Journalism and head of that university's Public Opinion Research Institute, on Internet and politics, published at Globe magazine.

China: Genocide Olympics

  17 May 2007

Imagethief analyses whether the “genocide Olympics” campaign against China's stance in Darfur would be working or not.

Hong Kong: Indecent bible?

  17 May 2007

Upon the Obscene Articles Tribunal issued the ruling on Chinese University publication “CU Student Press” as second class “indecent” material, local netizen launched a campaign to the Television and Entertainments Licensing Authority (Tela) to complain on the indecency of Bible. Uptill now, there are more than 1,000 complaints being sent.

China: Delayed reporting

  16 May 2007

Chris O'Brien from Beijing Newspeak blogs about a recent delayed report by the Chinese government on an outbreak of hand-foot-mouth disease in a city in Shandong.

Hong Kong: I am CU person

  15 May 2007

YIN blogs about her feelings of being a Chinese University graduate [zh] in the midst of the student press erotic page scandal: for 10 years I have been studying and working in the University, I felt so disappointed about the school administration; however, I am so proud of the students...

China: Internet Stories

  15 May 2007

ESWN translated a few blog posts about the saving of a blue hair girl by a photographer. There are at least 4 versions of the story. So who can you trust?