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Overseas Chinese Students Bring Changes to China?

  9 April 2012

Ali from Offbeat China discussed the impact of overseas Chinese students to China upon their return. The discussion in major overseas Chinese student web forums indicate that rather than the assumption that these students would be exposed to fundamental value changes and help China to develop political reform, many take...

China: The Uyghur Human Rights Project

  9 April 2012

A new blog Xianjiang Source interviewed Henryk Szadziewski about the Uyghur Human Rights Project, which aims at promoting human rights and democracy for Uyghurs and others living in East Turkestan.

China: Struggle to Remember Fang Lizhi

  9 April 2012

Chinese intellectual Fang Lizhi, who inspired a whole generation of student activists during the 1980s, passed away on April 6, 2012 in the United States, at the age of 76. Authorities were quick to ban the news from the Internet and Chinese netizens now have to struggle with web censors to remember Fang.

China: No Fishes for Chinese Fishermen

  6 April 2012

Jing Gao from Ministry of Tofu translated a local feature story about the livelihood of Chinese fishermen who can't find fishes near the China coast because of pollution and over fishing.

‘Anonymous’ Aims at Hacking China

  6 April 2012

Hackers network “Anonymous” claimed that they have hacked more than 500 Chinese government websites and will continue to make statements against China censorship measures. China Digital Times has a round up of their action.

China's richest city in 2012

  4 April 2012

Xinjiang far west China introduced a Xinjiang city, Karamay, the richest city in China in 2012. The Wealth of the newly established city comes from oil.