Oiwan Lam · March, 2012

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Hong Kong, China: Poems on Ugliness

  8 March 2012

A poem on “Hong Kong – an Ugly City” from an University student has inspired Hong Kong netizens to write their own poems, such as “China – an ugly country” and “China – a Pathetic Country”.

China: Lesson on Survival Skill

  8 March 2012

C Custer from China Geeks introduced a satirical animation on the future of Chinese young generation whose lives are threaten by the immoral society.

China: After Voting, Can Wukan Claim Victory?

  7 March 2012

Finally Wukan village can elect their own local government after rounds of grassroots struggle. China Digital Times has an update of the development and pointed out that the experience is yet to be translated into similar grassroots political changes in other part of China.

China: What Happened in Kashgar?

  2 March 2012

Xinjiang: Far West China has collected information from different sources and put together a fuller picture on what happened in Kashgar on February 28, 2012 when a riot and/or public demonstration ended in the deaths of over 20 people.