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China: High-speed rail

  15 July 2011

Many Chinese raised serious questions about the safety, comfort and efficiency of the new high-speed rail line, in particular after the three malfunctions[zh] in the space of four days (Between July 10-14). (Details from China Media Project)

China: Adding shampoo into tofu

  13 July 2011

China Media Project highlights another food scandal. A tofu workshop in Lanzhou added chemicals and shampoo into Tofu to create a sticky texture.

China: Political Terms

  12 July 2011

Qian Gang analyses Chinese President Hu Jintao’s report delivered on July 1, 2011, to the conference commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by looking into the frequency of CCP leaders’ trademark political terms in his speech.

China: Copycat of Kung Fu Panda

  11 July 2011

Fan Huang from Shanghaiist introduces a Chinese copycat of Kung Fu Panda — the Legend of a Rabbit, jointly produced by Tianjin North Film Group and Beijing Film Academy.

China: The danger of a quick visit

  11 July 2011

C. Custer from China Geeks reminds foreign businessmen and media that the impression one can get in a quick visit in China is usually impartial and misleading.

China: High speed rail malfunction

  11 July 2011

David Bandurski from China Media Project on Chinese netizens’ responses to the malfunction of the brand-new Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway on July 10, 2011.

China: Exploding Watermelon Is Safe?

  8 July 2011

Local state media exposed that farmers in China's Jiangsu province are experiencing a problem with “exploding watermelons” due to the overuse of growth enhancing chemicals. The Ministry of Agriculture has recently asserted that the chemical growth enhancer for watermelon is safe, but Chinese netizens are doubtful.

China: Rumor Debate

  7 July 2011

ESWN has translated a discussion among mainland journalists and public intellectuals in Weibo on the spread of rumor in the Internet.

China: Debt and inflation

  6 July 2011

Vitaliy Katsenelson, an investment expert, analyzes the conflicting situation of China economy with the rising of debt and inflation.

China: Popular Actress Sparks Homosexuality Debate

  5 July 2011

Homosexuality is not a crime in China and in the past few years the gay community has become more visible in the Chinese online world. Last week, an overseas Chinese pastor's reaction to the legalization of same-sex marriage by the New York State Senate, was echoed by an award-winning actress Lu Liping, and their words have triggered a heated debate.

China: Security Problem of the World's Longest Bridge

  5 July 2011

China opened the world's longest bridge in Qingdao on June 30, 2011. However, local media found out that the crash barriers haven't been fixed yet. Hundreds of Weibo users criticized[zh] the local government's negligence in quality check.