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China: Riot Against Land Acquisition in Guangxi

  16 October 2010

On 13 of October, a riot broke out in Longxu town in Guangxi province. Around one thousand villagers confronted armed police against forced land acquisition. Citizen reports on the riot were originally posted at local online forums within Guangxi, but quickly deleted by web censor authorities. In order to spread...

China:Peace Prize Before A Peaceful Rise Of China

  15 October 2010

Pat Tse from interlocals.net translated a post written by An Tao which compares Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo's Charter 08 with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's talk on political reform. The writer suggests that the peaceful path for China should begin with internal reconciliation.

China: Nobel Peace Prize Winner – Liu Xiaobo

  8 October 2010

A few hours ago, the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced its decision to award the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China. It is a moment of great joy for concerned Chinese citizens as Liu Xiaobo represents human rights...

China: Guanxi

  7 October 2010

David Wolf from Silicon Hutong reproduced some discussions among China Business circle on their understanding of Guanxi in doing business in China.

China: Chinese bicycle

  7 October 2010

Wenxue city has a collection of photos taken by the French photographer Alain Delorme, showing how Chinese cyclists arrange their merchandises against the laws of physics.

Photos Of Anti-China Protests In Japan

  6 October 2010

Kai Ping posts a widely circulated e-mail with many recycled anti-China protests in Japan in China/Divide and invites the readers to discuss on whether or not or how to handle such mis-informed information online.

China: Education expense

  6 October 2010

How much money Shenzhen parents are willing to spend on their child´s education? Maryannodonnell shares some interesting stories she overheard with her readers.

China: Free Liu Xiaobo

  1 October 2010

A new website, Free Liu Xiaobo Now!, initiated by some members of Chinese PEN, that collects all sorts of information concerning Liu Xiabo.