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China: A Law Professor for Sale…

  14 September 2010

"My name is Yang Zhizhu and I was originally an assistant professor at the China Youth University for Political Sciences. My wife got pregnant by accident and did not have the heart to get an abortion. On December 21, 2009 she gave birth to our second daughter."

China: Video game censorship

  13 September 2010

The Angry Chinese Blogger looks into the Chinese government's censorship against video game, an area where human rights organizations have overlooked.

China: Tian Xi Deserves Happiness

  6 September 2010

23-year-old Tian Xi is an AIDS patient who was inflected with HIV in 1996 upon receiving a blood transmission in a hospital in Xincai county, Henan province.

China: Tale of a murdered microblog

  2 September 2010

David Bandurski from CMP translated Wu Danhong's account of the senseless murder of his sina microblog. Wu is an assistant professor at China University of Political Science and Law.

China: Feeling insecure about the mobile phone real name registration

  1 September 2010

Beginning from today (September 1 2010) mobile phone users in China will have to show their identity card and register their real name when purchasing a new mobile number. It is estimated that there are over 700 million mobile phone subscribers in China, of which 70 percent are using pre-paid...