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China: VeryCD.com closed

  10 December 2009

VeryCD, one of the most popular file sharing website in China, was closed suddenly yesterday. Its founder, Huang Yimeng admitted that the website didn't have “Information Network Broadcast Audio Visual Programming Permission Certificate.” (More via Danwei)

China: Anniversary of Charter 08

  8 December 2009

C.A Yeung from Under the Jacaranda Tree translated an article written by Sun Wenguang on a seminar in Shandong by a number of Charter 08 signatories to commemorate the anniversary of Charter 08. The attendees made a joint pleading for the immediate release of Mr Liu Xiaobo, the coordinator of...

China: Young people and housing

  7 December 2009

China Hush puts together an interesting discussion related with the property bubble in China. The focus of the debate is on whether people below 30 should be able to buy a home.

China: The Chengdu Self-Immolation

  4 December 2009

A woman, Tang Fuzhen, in Chengdu set herself on fire in order to protest against the forced demolition of her home. ESWN translated a T.V news commentary on the incident.

China: AIDS patient's call for freedom and rights

  4 December 2009

C. Custer from ChinaGeeks translated a blog post written by Wang Keqin about his friend, a AIDS patient, who was detained by local government before the International AIDS day because of his involvement in civic rights activity.

China: The Obama Girl Was An Internet Promotion Campaign

  3 December 2009

A female student Wang Zifei, who sat behind Obama when he delivered his speech at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, has become a Internet celebrity. Local media recently found out that her boyfriend actually paid 100,000 yuan to hire a Beijing Internet promotional strategy company to use the opportunity...

China: Microblogging

  3 December 2009

Xue Ying from CNreview reports on a tech conference in Beijing concerning the development of microblogging in China.

China: Demise of the media

  3 December 2009

Uln from Chinayouren comments on the discussion on the demise of the media by looking into the dynamics of the State, the Business and the Readers.

Japan: Open government

  2 December 2009

Tobias Harris from Observing Japan blogs about the Hatoyama government's attempt in building a transparent and open government.

Hong Kong: Democracy

  1 December 2009

Tom Legg blogs about the recent political scandal on the attempt by the Beijing Basic Law expert in re-interpretation of the meaning of democracy in Hong Kong.