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China: Premier Wen Jiabao apologizes

  14 October 2009

Eric Mu from DANWEI translates and puts together some local mainstream media report on Premier Wen Jiabao's apology on a minor mistake in a speech to middle school youth.

China: Vist to North Korea

  14 October 2009

Alice Liu translated Rose Luqiu Luwei (闾丘露薇)'s blog post on her trip to North Korea to report on Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's visit. Luqiu Luwei is an executive news editor for Hong Kong's Phoenix Satellite Television.

China: Banning foreign investment in online game

  13 October 2009

Chad Catacchio from Stir fired China comments on the Chinese government's recent ban on foreign investment in online game. The blogger believes that the policy is to do with the central government's concern about the contamination of youths’ mind.

Japan: No Nukes Festa In Tokyo

  13 October 2009

Martin J Frid from Kurashi blogs about a big demonstration (with around 7000 people) against nuclear power happened last weekend in Tokyo.

China: Your ethnic group can’t use the internet

  12 October 2009

“Your ethnic group can't use the internet” has become a popular phrase in the Internet in China. It comes from a 27-year-old Uighur photographer's real life experience in a hotel in Shenyang. Rob from Black and White Cat translated the two related blog posts.

China: Democracy debate

  9 October 2009

ESWN has translated two forum posts on the nature of democracy. One claimed that democracy is completely useless, the other one argued against it.

China: Grass Mud Horse, Motherland

  8 October 2009

C. Custer from ChinaGeeks translated some comments from Anti-CNN forum on Ai Weiwei's short video “Grass Mud Horse, Motherland”, which was exhibited in Munich to “celebrate” the 60th anniversary of PRC.

Japan: Learning to change

  7 October 2009

Fumi Yamazaki is now visiting the U.S.A to learn about e-government in order to prepare for future changes in Japan. The blogger explained what are changing and what needs to be changed.

South Korea: Historical site visit

  7 October 2009

Robert Koehler from shared his vacation visit to Seoul's Daehangno district at Marmot's Hole. Apart from posting pictures, he also wrote the historical value of the sites.

Japan: Rubbish sculpture

  5 October 2009

An Englishman in Osaka posted pictures of a fish sculpture made of a load of rubbish collected from the Yodogawa and Osaka Bay.

Is Japan a dying nation?

  2 October 2009

Mari writes a brief response to the BBC's article “Is Japan a dying nation?” She agrees that the population is shrinking but believes that the country will be reborn in a new and smaller form.