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China: the 2002 needle attacks in Tianjin and Beijing

  14 September 2009

Rob from Black and white cat pointed out that the use of hypodermic needles to threaten and rob people is not a new phenomena in China and rest of the world. The blogger reminded readers of two needle attack cases back in 2002 in Tianjin and Beijing, of course the...

South Korea: Prosecution for racist remarks

  11 September 2009

Korea Beat translated a news story on the country's first prosecution case against a Korean man for using racist remarks towards an Indian, Bonojit Hussein, who is teaching in a local university.

Hong Kong: Journalists accused of incitement

  9 September 2009

Last Friday (Sep 4), three Hong Kong journalists were beaten up and detained by Xinjiang armed polices when they were covering the protest in Urumqi. Yesterday, the authorities in Xinjiang claimed that the three journalists were under the suspicion of inciting public disorder by making hand gestures. The director of...

China: How artistic these buildings are!

  9 September 2009

MOP forum posted a number of photos on some newly constructed residential buildings in Guangzhou. From a far, one can see some “artistic” white pattern. When getting a closer look, their are all cracks. These buildings have all passed the quality check.

China: New real-name requirement

  8 September 2009

Rebecca MacKinnon from Rconversation discussed the implementation of real name registration in online discussion and pointed out that the system, started from South Korea, is becoming a global trend.

China: Tanks roll in Beijing

  7 September 2009

Imagethief noticed the symbolic shift on tanks roll in Beijing city through the military parade celebrating the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

China: Rights or rumors?

  4 September 2009

Siweilouzi translated Beijing University professor's opinion piece: the Public's Right to Question Shouldn't Be Misconstrued as Spreading Rumors.

China: A blog on rescuing husband

  2 September 2009

A woman's husband was arrested and sentenced to 14 days in a detention center in Beijing. Apart from trying to give him support, she sets up a blog, Beijing Haze, and writes down what she has been through in the process of finding out what has happened.

South Korea: 3 bills regarding native English teachers

  2 September 2009

Matt from Gusts of popular feeling discusses the three bills submitted by Democratic Party representative in the national assembly. The bills require foreign English teachers to have criminal record and health and drug checks before being hired at public or private schools.

China: Newly invented Han characters

  1 September 2009

Recently the Ministry of Education of PRC has announced a list of 44 Han characters to be adjusted in their writing style. The adjustments were so insignificant and redundant that most netizens criticized the ministry of creating trouble. Even the Xinhua news described the adjustment as “plastic surgery”. However, the...

Japan: New map of politics

  1 September 2009

Yoko Akimoto wrote a letter to Asia social movements mailing list on the implications of the landslide victory of Democratic Party in the General Election on social movement in Japan. The letter is reposted at interlocals.net.