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Taiwan: Photo Talks

  25 February 2008

A new website called veryXD is becoming very popular in Taiwan. Visitors are encourage to write caption for the photos and share with others.

Hong Kong: The Death of a Bookseller

  25 February 2008

Law Chi Wah, a well known independent book store owner in Hong Kong, was killed by the collapsing book boxes in his small warehouse before Lunar New Years. His body was found two weeks later, already rotten. Douban (zh) has set up a special page for this book martyr. His...

China: Hu Jie

  22 February 2008

Zhai Minglei posted an interview with Hu Jie (zh), a documentary film maker, who lives with the poor with his camera.

China: Human Flesh Search Engine

  22 February 2008

ESWN translated a story about a netizen's call for “human flesh search engine” to identify a malicious “uncle figure” in an online video. In the end, they managed to find the uploader, but not the “uncle”.

China: Premier Wen, Please Visit your Neighbor

  21 February 2008

During the snow storm, Premier Wen Jiabo has been traveling around the country and visiting victims of the storm. Tiger temple urged Premier Wen to visit his neighbor, homeless in Qainmen. The city control team has torn away their shelters in cold weather (zh).

Taiwan: Release Netizen!

  21 February 2008

The Hong Kong sexy photo gate effect has extended to Taiwan. Police has arrested a netizen who shared photos with others under local obscenity censorship law. Portnoy pointed out that the police has no power to define the nature of the photos, and Taiwanese has the right to enjoy pleasure....

South Korea: Dark Tourism

  20 February 2008

Korea Beat translated a local report on the phenomenon of “dark tourism” to the scene of the Namdaemun/Sungnyemun fire.

China: More Fake Photos

  20 February 2008

Netizen from China dig out more fake photos circulating in the mainstream media, some of those had won photo awards. ESWN translated a local report on the fake Qinghai-Tibet railroad photo, and there is another award-winning photo in doubt called “The Pitiless Fire” (also via ESWN).

China: Political Mistake

  20 February 2008

Zengying blogs about his experience of making a serious “political mistake” in a local T.V station at the end of the 1990s. It was about a T.V drama which had been shown in the central television station. Eventually he found out that the mistake was the pronunciation of the name...

China: Taiwan and Kosovo

  20 February 2008

Taiwan's Foreign Minister announced its recognition of Kosovo as an independent country, China Foreign Affair spoke person responded that Taiwan is not in position to give “recognition” to Kosovo. Bonnae from 1510.com pointed out that Kosovo's independence has put China into an embarrassing situation and Taiwan's attitude is also hitting...

South Korea: Income Inequality

  19 February 2008

Jamie picks up the editorial from local newspapers on the worsening income inequality situation in South Korea, with some back ups from 2007 statistic.