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Hong Kong: Post-election analysis

  26 March 2007

ESWN put together various polls about Hong Kong people's evaluation of the two candidates and priority in concerned issues, and provided a detailed post-election analysis of Hong Kong politics.

Hong Kong: Queen's Pier

  26 March 2007

Simon world has an update on the preservation plan of the Queen's Pier: a roadside Pier. Over the Rainbow explains the reason why Hong Kong architects insist to keep the Pier in Situ is because of the symbolism in its spatial relation with the city hall (zh).

China: Animal-dropping paper

  26 March 2007

Will blogs about the recent suggestion to turn Panda poop into wrapping paper, following Thailand's example in using elephant dropping. He drew some associations from the news.

East Asia: History Round up

  26 March 2007

Jonathan Dresner from Frog in a Well has written a history round up on issues such as comfort woman, Nanjing massarce, textbook, etc.

Korea and Japan: National Flowers

  25 March 2007

Ampotan has a nice post discussing differences in symbolism of Japan and Korea's national flowers: cherry blossom or sakura (Japan) and the Rose of Sharon or mugunghwa (Korea).

China: Journalist file: Zhang Jianhong

  25 March 2007

Angry Chinese bloggers opened a file for Zhang Jianhong, a freelance journalist, who was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment, plus a further years suspension of political rights, by the Ningbo Intermediate court on 19 of March.

China: Mao Zedong condoms

  25 March 2007

Letters from China posted an ad from Nanyuan Road bus stop in Suzhou: it sells condoms in packages bearing the image of Mao Zedong.

China: Nail House Disappeared From Internet

  25 March 2007

Huge reported that the news about Nail House from Chongqing had disappeared from the Internet in China within two hours: people just wanted to criticize developers, now that the Internet police stepped in, people would scold the government… (zh)

China: criminalizing seditious speech

  23 March 2007

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI translated the story / interview with Yu Quanyu, the CPPCC member who proposed a law criminalizing seditious speech at this year's congressional sessions, from the most recent issue of Southern People Weekly.

China: you are too CCTV!

  23 March 2007

Zhaihua picked up the recent catch phrase “you are too CCTV!” and explained that apart from China Central Television, it stands for closed-circuit television(zh).

Hong Kong: local action and 318 rally

  22 March 2007

Thanks Roland for translating the details of Local Action rally in March 18 from Inmediahk.net. Indeed, there were no mainstream news report about the police abuse and the rationality of the rally.

Japan: Tokyo election and nationalism

  22 March 2007

James from Japan Probe blogs about the Tokyo governor candidates’ stand and debate on nationalism, in particular to the policy of coercing teachers to stand and sing the national anthem ‘Kimigayo’.

China: nationalism and Olympic

  22 March 2007

David Bandurski from China Media Project post a translation of a recent editorial in Southern Metropolis Daily, which argues that China's well-publicized appetite for Olympic gold has become a kind of Midas touch, spoiling the spirit of friendship and harmony that the Games have come to symbolize.

China: nail house

  22 March 2007

The picture of “nail house” from Chongqing has been widely spread in BBS and mainstream media. Lyn Jeffery from virtual China gives some more background about the case. DANWEI also has a report, puts the discussion under the context of the recent property law.

China: reading property law

  21 March 2007

Postive solution blogs about his reading of the newly passed property law in China: while private property was the most eye-catching section of the law, the focus was in fact on problems with State-owned property.