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China: Chen Guangcheng sentenced to four years

  24 August 2006

Chinese Law professor blog comments on the result of Chen Guangcheng's court case. “The extremely harsh sentence for Chen Guangcheng confirms not only the lawlessness and vindictiveness of the authorities of Linyi City but also the determination of the national Communist Party Political-Legal Committee to intimidate and suppress the country's...

China: Pluto conspiracy theory

  24 August 2006

In reaction to the possibility that Pluto has to be taken away from the solar system planet list, the mainland science fiction writer, Hansong wrote a story about the western conspiracy against China on such proposal(zh).

China: ipod China contractor sues newspapers reporter

  24 August 2006

Mindmeters pastes a post from donews discussion board which provided details concerning Foxconn's – ipod's contractor in China – legal charge against an editor and a reporter in First Financial Daily in Shanghai. The newspapers wrote two reports on the situation of workers in Foxconn ipod production line in June...

China: repression of local cultures

  24 August 2006

Chu Da-ke in commenting the recent regulation imposed by the China Broadcasting bureau on digital video points out that the series of regulations would eventually destroy the diversity of local languages and cultures (zh).

China: commercialize nation's inauguration

  24 August 2006

SohoXiaoBao blogs a local newspapers report on a Changsha resturant which changed the slogan in the nation's inauguration ceremony painting into “big rice bowl is now established”. The city commerical said that “the advertisement was inappropriate from political and emotional perspectives, it would have negective effect on the construction of...

Japan: web diary turned novel

  24 August 2006

Lee from Tokyo Times introduces another web diary turned novel in Japan. This time the story is about lesbian longing from Harukarin Blog.

China: Karaoke management

  23 August 2006

The Cultural bureau and Intellectual property rights bureau in China intervene into the Karaoke business, the former wants to control the pool of music and song used in karaoke, while the latter lists the charge for the song's copy rights fee. Jxhill quotes from mainstream media's data saying that the...

Hong Kong: opium history

  23 August 2006

Dave and Stefan blogs a historical legal document showing the history of opium importation from 1908-1942 in Hong Kong.

China: unhealthy digital broadcast?

  21 August 2006

Official Xinhua news finally confirmed about the new regulation on digital broadcast. Two cold in bullog questions about the definition of “unhealthy” digital broadcast in the new regulation: “I need to know, according to which regulation I am unhealthy. So that in case I lost in the court case, the...

China: central government role in recent hr case

  21 August 2006

Chinese Law Prof blog has a brief comments on the recent trial of Chen Guangcheng and arrest of lawyer Gao Zhisheng. “By this time, the complicity of the central authorities in this disgrace can hardly be doubted”.

Taiwan: Chen Shui bian

  21 August 2006

Michael Turton carries on the discussion initiated by Michael Anti via ESWN's translation. He gives more political background on the recent campaign to bring down Chen Shui Bian.

Taiwan: boycotting mainstream media

  21 August 2006

Wang Chien-Ming, a Taiwan baseball player who was called up from the Yankees’ AAA affiliate, the Columbus Clippers in 2005, issued a open letter on 17 of August saying that he would reject all the Taiwan mainstream media interview because his privacy had been infringed. Ilya blogs a press release...

China: The Death of the Hukou-less Baby

  21 August 2006

ESWN translates a post from Southern Weekend on The Death of the Hukou-less Baby: A male baby that lived in this world for only 43 days was killed by his father who threw him into the ground.

China: debate on ploygamous relation

  20 August 2006

There is a lengthly debate on polygamous relation in Li Yin-he's blog. It started Li's blogging on the LGBT meeting in this July. Her viewpoint was reported by mainstream newspapers and triggered a hot debate about Chinese tradition, western modernization, sex culture, etc. (zh)