Noor Hidayah

I am a Bruneian Muslimah who is temporarily residing in the UK. I have a basic understanding of business, economics, psychology, sociology and behaviour analysis. I hope to contribute in any way possible to the holistic betterment of my people and humanity as a whole, if God wills it.

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Brunei joins Earth Hour for the first time

  3 April 2009

Many bloggers praised the decision of Brunei to support Earth Hour for the very first time last week. Noor Hidayah gathers the reactions of Brunei bloggers and monitors the participation of individuals and business establishments during Earth Hour.

The first Brunei Postgraduate Symposium

  1 April 2009

Two weeks ago, the first Bruneian Postgraduate Symposium was held at the Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental African Studies in London. The symposium provided an oppprtunity for Bruneian students to exchange ideas and concerns on various topics. Participants discussed the difficulties of accessing resources and data on Brunei for academic research.

Brunei: Who deserves the undistributed zakat funds?

  9 February 2009

Before Brunei was swept by floods, the hot topic in town was the hundreds of millions in surplus of the zakat or tithe collections. The recipients of the zakat should be the very poor and needy. However, those who were burdened with debts due to overindulgence were also claiming for a share of the undistributed zakat.

Brunei after the floods: A time of loss and prayers

  27 January 2009

Two persons died in Brunei due to the recent flooding that swept the Asia-Pacific region. Brunei has experienced the worst flooding in the past few weeks. More Bruneians are using the power of prayers and reflections to survive in these troubled times.

Brunei: The ‘Ali Baba’ syndrome

  14 December 2008

Brunei has the potential to achieve economic diversity. However, development is hampered by little or lack of productivity. The Bruneian Malay culture may in fact be one of the reasons as to why progress is slow.