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Hello! I am currently a freshman at the Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) school at Cornell University. Within Cornell, I am serving as a policy analyst for the Roosevelt Institute Student Think Tank, a staff writer for the Cornell Business Review, a brother of the Pre-Law Fraternity Phi Alpha Delta, and a member of the research committee for ILR's Student Government Association. I have also been accepted as a member of the Rawlings Scholar Program, allowing me to utilize a research grant for the purpose of conducting research with a professor and topic of my choice throughout my four years at Cornell.

In high school, I worked for a variety of domestic and international public policy organizations. My experience ranges from domestic reporting on Chicago as a journalist at Young Chicago Authors, to a policy analyst at Centre for Civil Society think tank in New Delhi where I researched the future of India's educational infrastructure. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games and spending time with friends.

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