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Kuwait Blog Rounds Up

  16 October 2005

Kuwait has been buzzing lately with religion and political talk. With the harsh events in Paksitan with the earth quake. Like Faith sending her thoughts and prayers to the survivors of the Asian earthquake and wonders about the current natural disasters have any religious end of time feelings. These events...

The Diwaniya of Kuwait

Ramadan Kareem Everyone. Kuwait during Ramadan gets quite active in terms of nights out with family and friends visiting diwaniyas and other family gatherings that makes us have no time for politics or any international matters. So the issue about Kuwait normalizing ties with Israel has not come up in...

Kuwait Blogosphere Roundup

  25 September 2005

Parenting in Kuwait is so mixed. Q discusses how parents can easily leave their children with maids when they are young, and is concerned on how this influences the young child's development. Then Sheba remarks on how mom's are all over their children when they are in school and watching...

Kuwait Roundup

  20 September 2005

Just a little introduction to the Kuwait Blogosphere, we have about 277 blogs listed on and most of them are being aggregated on We have a mixed group of bloggers that are Kuwait are in and out of Kuwait, as well as people form other countries that live...