Nathan Hamm · July, 2006

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Uzbekistan: Civil Society

Olesya translates a post about NGOs in Uzbekistan in which the author argues that the country's NGOs should not be surprised to find themselves in their current situation because of mistakes they made in the past that have weakened them relative to the government.

Kazakhstan: Russian Emigration

Leila examines the potential impacts on Kazakhstan's demography of the recent Russian government decree on the resettlement of ethnic Russians from former Soviet Republics to the Russian Federation.

Kyrgyzstan: Diplomats Expelled discusses the push and shove between Kyrgyzstan and the United States regarding negotiations over the price for US use of an airbase in the country and how it is the likely explanation for the expulsion of two US diplomats for “improper” contacts with the heads of NGOs.

Armenia: Vochinch Mentality

Notes From Hareinik discusses the news that the mayor of the town of Garni has done nothing with the municipal budget. The author says that sooner or later, silence and indifference, “vochinch,” towards such corruption will have to end.

Mongolia: Naadam Preparations

Tom Terry has photos of Naadam preparations in Mongolia. Naadam is centuries old festival during which participants compete in the “three manly games” — archery, wrestling, and horse racing — in cities throughout Mongolia.