Nathan Hamm · May, 2006

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Uzbekistan: One Family – One Cow discusses Uzbekistan's “one family – one cow” program under which entrepreneurs are coerced into donating livestock or cows to the poor, or as is more often the case, money to bank accounts of local officials.

Armenia: Sharm El

Christian Garbis raves about his favorite Indian restaurant in Yerevan and says that it has been so successful that it is taking over the kitchen at another location.

Armenia: Political Shakeup

At Blogrel, Harmick writes that Armenia's speaker of the parliament has stepped down and that his party has resigned from the ruling coalition government. He goes on to say that this may be the start of a credible opposition in Armenia.

Armenia: Yezidi Funeral

Onnik Krikorian attended a Yezidi funeral and has photos from it as well as an interview about Yezidi music's role in the culture and its relation to Muslim Kurdish music.

Armenia: Human Rights

Notes from Hareinik notes that Armenia has been named a major human rights violator and says Armenian diasporan organizations should pressure the Armenian government on human rights issues.