Nathan Hamm · June, 2007

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Central Asia: Literature in Translation

Birds’ Books uses Uzbek author Hamid Ismailov's The Railway, one of the rare contemporary Central Asian novels translated into English, as a jumping off point for a discussion of Central Asian literature, language, translation, and the impact of modernism and the Soviet Union on Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan: Manas Curriculum

Bonnie Boyd discusses the inclusion of Kyrgyzstan's national epic into the national curriculum. The epic, Manas, is nearly half a million verses long and tells the deeds of the hero Manas and his descendants to secure Kyrgyz independence.

Armenia: Traffic Accidents

Nazarian says that since Armenian traffic police started using mobile patrols, the number of reported traffic accidents has increased. He is quick to remind that corelation is not causation.

Armenia: National Glue

At Blogrel, Harmick wonders whether or not a shared sense of pain resulting from the experience of genocide is the glue that gives Armenians around the world a shared sense of identity, and worries whether or not that sense of shared identity would vanish if the community decided to put...