Nathan Hamm · January, 2006

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Georgia: Powerless

  30 January 2006

Ben Wheeler says that Tbilisi is making due with energy shortages but that despite government claims to the contrary, the burdens are not evenly distributed between rich and poor.

Poland: Tragedy at Katowice

  30 January 2006

the beatroot reports on the tragic collapse of a roof in Katowice, Poland in which over 60 people have died. Their reporting continues with a look at whether or not negligence is to blame for the disaster.


  27 January 2006

Christian Garbis reports that Armenia's free internet (limited to Armenian sites only) and email service,, is in danger of shutting down unless it finds new funding.

Turkmenistan: The Axe Falls Again

  27 January 2006

neweurasia reports that Turkmenistan has dismissed a handful of government ministers. Yet again. Among the charges this time though were not just the normal accusations of abuse of power and incompetence, though. Polygamy made the list too.

Poland: Blood-Sucking Parasites

  26 January 2006

the beatroot reports that alternative medicines like the use of leeches is on the rise in Poland and that alongside the growing popularity of these treatments is a rise in the number of cancer patients who die after refusing conventional treatment.

Kazakhstan: Shortage

  26 January 2006

Ben Paarmann says that Kazakhstan's economy may benefit from hydrocarbon resources, but that it is at risk due to a dangerous shortage of skilled and professional workers.

Poland: Highly Paid Poles

  26 January 2006

Bialynia says that highly paid Poles are invading the British Isles. Since Poland joined the EU, many Polish footballers have found it much easier to play in the Premiership and have moved west.

Uzbekistan: Crops to Oregon

  26 January 2006 reports that an Oregon nursery is working with farmers in Uzbekistan to introduce Uzbek crops to Oregon's farmers. Among the crops he thinks would succeed in the Pacific Northwest are Uzbek varieties of pistachios, mulberries, pomegranates, and sweet quinces.

Kyrgyzstan: Probing NGOs

  25 January 2006 reports that Kyrgyzstan is pressuring its large NGO community and asks whether or not the new government is trying to protect itself from what it might perceive as a source of power that contributed to the fall of the last president.