Nathan Hamm · December, 2005

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Russia: Corporatism

  28 December 2005

President Putin's economic adviser Andrei Illarionov resigned, charging Russia with corporatism. Sean Guillory examines the charges, looks at capitalism in Russia, and asks how far it is from the global norm.

Armenia: Linux in Armenia

  28 December 2005

Onnik Krikorian has more on localized Linux in the Caucasus, noting that open source software often ends up costing more in developing countries than does proprietary software because of piracy (with a nod to our very own Ethan Zuckerman).

Russia: Gas War

  28 December 2005

br23 blog weighs in on the Ukraine-Russia gas war, calling it one of the most important regional battles since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Armenia: Ooof

  26 December 2005

Zarchka is a new contributor at Oneworld Multimedia, and her first post is on the money and work that goes into celebrating New Year's.

Poland: Christmas Carp

  23 December 2005

At p3, the beatroot says that were they given a choice, Polish carp would probably vote against Christmas. Almost all of the 22,000 tons of farmed carp in Poland are consumed around Christmas.