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I suppose I should firstly thank you for taking the time to spend a minute or two reading my profile. As you have no doubt realised, my name is Neil and I lived in the United Kingdom. I work in the legal sector in the UK and have done so for 8 years or so now. Prior to this, I studied Spanish at university and graduated in 2004. I am keen to develop my creative writing skills more and tying this passion in with my wish to further develop my translation portfolio, Global Voices has given me the perfect platform to do this.

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Bolivia: 229 Years Since the Sacrifice of Tupac Katari

  23 November 2010

The story of the uprising of the indigenous freedom fighters has been passed down from generation to generation in the indigenous communities of Bolivia. This rebellious movement was led some 229 years ago by Tupac Katari and remembrance events will take place during the month of November.

Ecuador: The Government and Social Networking

  15 November 2010

Use of the Internet and social networks by the government of Ecuador is rapidly increasing. Is this an attempt to increase government transparency, a new media strategy or alternatively, is this the government's way of bypassing the media silence?