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India: Daughters and Insurance

  14 February 2008

A certain advertisement aired in India – that seems to sell insurance by communicating that daughters are a burden, isn't winning this author's heart at Sepia Mutiny.

India: Widows on Valentine's

  14 February 2008

An apt post for Valentine's Day, The Rational Fool on the plight of Indian widows and the religious sanction that allows society to ostracize them.

Sri Lanka: Right to Shoot

  14 February 2008

groundviews talks of the right to ‘shoot’ – in the context of a leading Sri Lankan photojournalist being detained by the police for taking photographs near a well-known Colombo school.

Pakistan: Bird Flu

  13 February 2008

Crow's Nest on certain strains of Bird Flu being detected in some poultry farms in Southern Pakistan.

Nepal: Migrant workers

  13 February 2008

With 600 people leaving Nepal everyday for jobs abroad, Nepal Monitor makes the case for better services for migrant workers.

India: Regional Identities

  12 February 2008

Musings discusses the recent controversy in the state of Maharastra, India – where the issue of insider-outsider has brought up interesting questions of identity and economic contribution.

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