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India: Take Back The Tech

  23 November 2007

Conversations with Dina writes about Take Back The Tech. “This is a collaborative campaign by ICT users, advocates, collectives and organisations that take issue with the prevalence of Violence Against Women in our diverse realities.”

Nepal: We need elections!

  22 November 2007

But for the Maoists, Nepal would have been voting today. United We Blog! urges that new election dates need to be announced soon.

Bangladesh: On Foreign Aid

  22 November 2007

At the Bangladesh LiveJournal community, an author reflects on why the country is so dependent on foreign aid, especially in the context of providing relief for the victims of Cyclone Sidr.

Sri Lanka: Media and Politics

  21 November 2007

Lanka Rising on the connections between media and politics. “Media is no longer playing mere supporting role for democracy, but it has become key influential entity supporting marketing campaigns for political parties.”

India: Photographs of Chennai

  19 November 2007

Metroblogging Chennai has photographs from the Chennai Photowalk – an event organized to get some people together and click away as they walk around in the city.

Bangladesh: Investment and Disaster

  19 November 2007

At LirneAsia, a post discusses the incompetence of the Bangladesh Meteorological Department, and the government's lack of investment in the same – and how it contributed to greater devastation by Sidr Cyclone.

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