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Nepal: Development and Democracy

  24 July 2006

United We Blog! takes a closer look at development and democracy. “Nepal does not fall within any specific model when we only look at the theoretical background. Reforms, leading to liberalization, had already been initiated in some sectors (especially in financial sector) before advent of democracy in 1990.”

Nepal: China and the Maoists

  24 July 2006

What does China have to do with the peace process in Nepal. Nepali Netbook says “Considering the fervor with which it is broached, speculation of recent secret talks between a team of Chinese officials and top Nepalese Maoist leaders threatens to throw our nascent peace process off course.”

Pakistan: Astola Island

  21 July 2006

Adil writes about Astola Island in Pakistan. “Flying over Astola Island (Pakistan)‚ my first sight of the Island and the speed boat anchored in a bay far below quite took my breath. Pointing hull of the boat lay in pale blue shallows‚ riding on the swell. Even a hardened seaman...

Sri Lanka: Away from Lebanon

Only 300 Sri Lankans have been evacuated from Lebanon says Sri Lanka. “There are around 93,000 Sri Lankans currently working in Lebanon, 86,000 of them housemaids, said Jagath Wellawatta, Chairman of Sri Lanka's Foreign Employment Bureau. “

Nepal: Maoists and the National Capital

  21 July 2006

Democracy for Nepal explores what Maoists mean when they talk of National Capital. “Those of us who for a decade feared a Cambodia style massacre in Nepal should put some effort into appreciating this transformation that is taking place. There are things we can do to help that process of...

Nepal: Maoists in the mainstream

  21 July 2006

Blogdai on Maoists and the Government. “So the next time someone tells you that the “Maoists must be brought into the mainstream,” give them a sharp smack in the head. Hope and optimism are wonderful things, but patterns and past practices are what should inform our judgements.”

Pakistan: Another corner in Lahore

  20 July 2006

Certain cities have so many stories to tell. Metroblogging Lahore on Garhi Shahu. “But who would have ever thought that an area that came up to accommodate a most learned man never kept his name, and a complete scoundrel managed to keep his name alive because he was a genuine...

Sri Lanka: Before we get censored

  20 July 2006 looks at neighbour India's blogspot block and reflects on lessons for those online in Sri Lanka. “Preservation of free speech should be the Sri Lankan Internet community’s number one priority in the coming months, since the loss of the tool itself is a far greater loss than ANYTHING that...

India: Censorship and the Government

  20 July 2006

Aishwarya outlines the fundamental problem with the government blocking any site. “What matters is that our government believe they have a right/duty to protect us all from anti-national activities, and “anti-national” covers a wide range of activities and includes both terrorism and whatever offends us.”

Nepal: Budget Blues

  19 July 2006

Bahas on the upcoming budget for Nepal. “It is easy to assume that the concerned officials of the government are aware of the emerging situation but, if they are not, it may create undesirable tension in the country.”

India: Podcast on the block

  19 July 2006

Kamla Bhatt does a podcast on the block on accessing blogspot in India. She interviews four people and gets information on the timeline, events and work arounds.

Pakistan: Get by with a little help from my friends

  19 July 2006

The ban on accessing blogspot blogs seems to have brought Pakistani and Indian bloggers a little closer. says “In light of the recent blogspot ban in India, the blogging community in Pakistan would like to present as a gift to the Indian blogging community a small script that can...

India: Naxal Violence

  18 July 2006

Terrorism from within at A Muslim Indian's Speak – on Naxal violence and more. “Thousands of tribals are living in camps in Southern Chhattisgarh in India's centre just because the state has failed to protect them. A government-sponsored army of poor tribal villagers (known as Salwa Judum movement) who have...

Pakistan: Israel and the Arabs

  18 July 2006

A view of the Middle-East from Pakistan via Hardly Innovative. “Israel seems to believe that a bigger and better aresenal is what they need to survive. Some Arabs seem to believe Israel is an occupying force. At the same time, Israel seems to want to continually expand their borders, which...

Sri Lanka: To the passport office

  18 July 2006

Scourge on a visit to the passport office. “Walking in to one of the Saivarr Kades in Punchi Borella, I looked around for free tables. There weren’t any; the place was full of government servants having breakfast.”

Nepal: Democracy in Crisis

  17 July 2006 covers Arundhati Roy speaking on democracy. “Asking what was the right thing to do in a democracy, in which an armed dissent is crushed by military power and unarmed dissent simply ridiculed and brushed aside, Roy confessed her depleting faith in democracy itself.”

Bangladesh: Freedom fighters in business

  17 July 2006

imperfect world 2006 on doing business with a freedom fighter. “Basically he was saying that a freedom fighter loves his country and would therefore never defraud or cheat anyone. A kind of shorthand for declaring one’s personal integrity.”

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