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Pakistan: All about security

  28 April 2008

The security frenzy in the city has Metroblogging Islamabad telling a story about how innocent walks and lunches are viewed with suspicion.

Bhutan: Lost in Democracy

  28 April 2008

Lost in Democracy, an online documentary about how Bhutan is coping with westernization and its transition to a democratic state.

Sri Lanka: Censoring the war

  25 April 2008

Free Media Sri Lanka on the government barring photographers from entering hospitals where soldiers injured in battle are being treated.

Bangladesh: Cheerleader trouble

  25 April 2008

The new cricket league – IPL in India has its share of teething troubles. One of them being the imported cheerleaders that some politicians find too vulgar for their taste. More at a bengali in TO.

Nepal: Democracy Day

  24 April 2008

United We Blog! on the second Loktantra (Democracy) Day in Nepal, marking a year of the April Revolution.

India: A Goddess in Mumbai

  23 April 2008

A photo essay on Mumbai Magic – “In Mumbai, a small community from Andhra Pradesh worships the Goddess Mariamman every summer, seeking protection from smallpox, chickenpox and all forms of disease.”

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