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Sri Lanka: Another bomb blast

  28 November 2007

Yet another bomb blast in Sri Lanka. Cerno writes “What’s worrying is that I’m not even vaguely scared. I should be but I’m not.”

Pakistan: From General to Mr.

  28 November 2007

Musharraf is finally stepping down from the post of Chief of Army staff, and is to be sworn in as a civilian President. More at All Things Pakistan.

India: Noise and Gods

  26 November 2007

The din of Hindu festivals doesn't quite find cheer with Chronicus Skepticus, who wonders if the Hindu gods are deaf as posts.

Bangladesh: Know your enemy

  26 November 2007

At 3rd World View, Rezwan takes a closer look at the reactions of some groups towards aid coming in from the US for the victims of the cyclone.

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