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Pakistan: When in Lahore..

  29 March 2006

That McDonald's takes on local flavours is not news. Metroblogging Lahore shows the local outlet going a step further to celebrate Basant.

Bangladesh: Elections

  28 March 2006

Salam Dhaka muses on election time decisions. On what basis is the government judged, and what cards are played to maximum effect?

Nepal: Pushing for peace

  28 March 2006

United We Blog! on the hopes of the “April Revolution” which pushes for democracy through peaceful means – surprisingly coming from the top ranks of the Maoists.

Nepal: Maoists and the future

  28 March 2006 on Maoists in Nepal and their standpoint -“While the Maoists’ end goal remain a full-fledged communist state, their open yet standard rhetoric of transforming a feudal society like Nepal to an ideal communist state apparently involve the process of passing through multiple stages of capitalism and socialism—an idea that...

Sri Lanka: Views from the fence

  28 March 2006

Where are the more balanced views on the conflict in Sri Lanka and the accounts on the impact it has had on civillian life? Moju says – “I’d like to hear from people who think they can give a BALANCED view on what the SL army and LTTE (and also...

India: Bangalore calls

  28 March 2006

Kamla travels around Bangalore and comments on the infrastructure, politics and issues that are crucial for Bangalore as it grows at breakneck speed.

Nepal: March in Delhi

  27 March 2006

International Nepal Solidarity Network on a march in Delhi – “31 March rally for Nepali political prisoners illegally detained in India“

Pakistan: Look who's talking!

  27 March 2006

Pakistanwatch comments on Sharif's interview to an Indian TV channel – “After all this is the same Sharif who, after being elected to power in 1997, took the initiative to change the constitution so the president could no longer dismiss the sitting government. In addition, he is the same Sharif...

Bangladesh: Remembering Pakistan

  27 March 2006

imperfect world 2006 on democracy in Pakistan on the occassion of Bangladesh's Independence Day – “Today, Bangladesh’s independence day, should be remembered by Pakistanis as their greatest democratic interlude. This day more than half the Pakistani “nation” voted with its feet and said no to the nonsense of nationhood based...

India: The city of Djinns

  25 March 2006

Amardeep Singh on William Dalrymple's book on Delhi: City of Djinns, by far one of the most compelling narratives that weaves Delhi's history and present together.

Pakistan: World Social Forum

  25 March 2006

Raheel comments on the World Social Forum that started in Karachi, and says -“At the same time, I am just doubtful that would it be a major hit as far as attendance is concerned? I am asking this question to myself just because Pakistani young generation can waste lots of...

India: Polio

  23 March 2006

Balancing Life on polio in the subcontinent - “It remains a major problem in 9 countries. What’s common between them all? Extremely high populations living in relatively squalid conditions, in extreme poverty. And the sub-continent, especially India and Bangladesh, remain at the very heart of the disease.”

India: Forget the public school

  23 March 2006

A recent post on the Freakonomics blog on a 10 year old Indian boy writing in, sparks a post that talks of government schools being uniformly worse than private schools world over, regardless of the country.

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