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Russia: Anglophone Commentary on Subway Attacks

More Anglophone discussions of the March 29 Moscow subway bombings, the politics around it and the commentary it has generated: Sean's Russia Blog – here and here; FPA's Russia blog; A Good Treaty – here and here; Dzutsev's Weblog; DI's Russia Blog; A Step At A Time – here, here...

Russia: “Moscow Calm – Before the Storm”

At GlobalPost, Miriam Elder reports from Moscow on the March 29 subway attacks: “It's this lack of information that helps breed the conspiracy theories that are so rife. In the U.S., we're used to nonstop programming when the slightest (or largest) thing goes wrong. Here, state-run television ran its regular...

Russia: “Technology Failed Many”

Svetlana Gladkova of Profy writes about her failed attempts to locate a Moscow friend via various popular communication tools following the March 29 subway attacks: “In this tightly interconnected world we all depend a lot on communication tools like cell phones, email, IMs, and social networks and when such tools...

Russia: “A Perfect Target”

Irina Filatova writes at the Guardian's Comment is Free that the tough measures and increased xenophobia that are likely to follow the March 29 Moscow subway bombings will not “make Moscow underground safer.”

Russia: “March Elegy”

Anna Akhmatova's poem and some memories of the Moscow subway and the Park Kultury station where the second of the two March 29 blasts occurred – at Poemless: “In the Metro, you could buy a puppy and take the puppy to the vet, have its prescriptions filled, buy some lingerie...

Russia: “Russian Roulette” Metro

English Man In Moscow reacts to the March 29 subway blasts: “For the love of god, is no where safe from terrorists? Today, many people were killed. I certainly won't be taking my child on the metro anywhere, ever again for the rest of my time here in Moscow.”

Russia: “A Metaphor for Shock”

Natalia Antonova, currently in Moscow, writes about the March 29 subway blasts at GlobalComment: “On days like today, tragedy does not remain localized. It spreads outward, from the epicenter. Beside the dead, there are the wounded. Beside the dead and the wounded, there are the traumatized. And then there are...

Russia: LJ Opinion Poll on Subway Blasts

520 bloggers responded to this LiveJournal opinion poll question (RUS) on March 29-31: “Who could be behind the Moscow subway blasts?” 11% blame “terrorists acting on orders from Western special services,” 16% point at “terrorists acting on religious grounds,” 33% think “Russian special services” are behind the attacks, and 40%...

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