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Ukraine: Two Babushkas

  24 February 2006

Stefan of Dykun continues with his Ukrainian grandmother‘s story: how the languages and dialects Baba Omaha can speak – Ukrainian Poltava and Ukrainian Galician, Polish, Czech, Russian, German and Belarusian – reflect her life experiences. The Ranger of NVASHAG tells of his Ukrainian mother-in-law: Babushka Maria is turning 70 next...

Russia: Defenders of the Fatherland Day

  23 February 2006

Russia marks Defenders of the Fatherland Day today, aka the Men's Day (while March 8 is the Women's Day). Megan Case posts a contemporary greeting card she has found in s store; Katerina at The Accidental Russophile links to the site that has Soviet postcards for the occasion; Russia Blog...

Russia: Market Roof Collapse

  23 February 2006

W. Shedd of The Accidental Russophile attempts to analyze today's collapse of one of Moscow's largest markets from an engineer's perspective. So far, 56 people are reported to have been killed, but this number is likely to grow, as many more were inside at 5:45 a.m., when the tragedy took...

Ukraine: Minor Violence Reported

  22 February 2006

LEvko of Foreign Notes reports several “worrying violent incidents,” which may or may not be related to the upcoming election: the National State Tax Service Academy in Irpen has been stormed, a journalist in Donetsk attacked, and a news agency office in Lviv gutted.

Russia: Moscow Diggers

  22 February 2006

Tim Newman of White Sun of the Desert links to a fascinating story in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, about the Diggers of the Underground Planet, a Moscow group formed in 1990 to “study the historical, ecological, and social aspects of the Moscow underground.”

Russia: Moscow Metro, Honey, Driving and Cinema

  22 February 2006

As part of an ongoing virtual tour of Moscow, provides a few more glimpses of the capital's landmarks, obvious and not so: male/female voices of Moscow Metro; yet another Honey Fair; Moscow “migalki” and irresponsible driving; and the recent re-opening of Oktyabr Cinema.

Hungary: Prime Minister's Blog

  22 February 2006

Hungarian prime minister has his own blog now, and Henrik of Hungarian Accent reviews the reactions of Hungarian bloggers to this unlikely development. describes it as “a classic blog, offering updates on his personal life and observations and arguments on the political issues of the day” – and thinks...

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