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Rwanda: Africa's newest stock exchange

  14 February 2011

Africa’s newest stock exchange is the Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE), launched on 31 Jan to start trading the shares of brewer Brasseries et Limonaderies du Rwanda BRALIRWA (www.bralirwa.com). The exchange replaces the Rwanda-Over-The-Counter (OTC) market which has operated since 31 Jan 2008.

Ghana: The Witches of Gambaga premiers in Accra

  14 February 2011

The Witches of Gambaga premiers in Accra, Ghana: “Tomorrow the 15th of February at 10 am Yaba Badoe‘s documentary film premiers at the British Council in downtown Accra. The film, the Witches of Gambaga, shows us the destiny of women arriving at the notorious camp for witches that has been...

Sudan: Southern Sudan and the challenges of self-rule

  13 February 2011

Ken analyses the challenges of self-rule in Southern Sudan: “The spotlight is on the political elite in the South. Will they hammer out a power and resource sharing deal or will despotism yet again kill the independence dreams of an African nation? I can’t stop thinking that John Garang’ de...

Gabon: The danger of ignoring Gabon's revolution

  12 February 2011

Ethan Zuckerman warns of the danger of ignoring Gabon's revolution: “The danger of ignoring Gabon’s revolution isn’t just that opposition forces will be arrested or worse. It’s that we fail to understand the profound shifts underway across the world that change the nature of popular revolution. The wave of protests...

D.R. of Congo: Empowering Congo's women as leaders

  12 February 2011

Sadia Hameed writes about the opening of City of Joy in the Democratic Republic of Congo: “City of Joy, built by Eve Ensler, head of well-known international women’s rights group V-day, in conjunction with UNICEF and the Panzi Foundation, marks a significant investment in Congo’s women as agents of change.”

Ghana: Stop forced eviction in Accra

  11 February 2011

This week, WITNESS, and other land and housing rights organizations, signed a public statement demanding a stop to the planned forced eviction of thousands in Ghana’s capital city Accra. The signature campaign was organized at the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal.

Malawi/Uganda: Pushing the gay agenda

  11 February 2011

What is the best method for pushing the gay agenda in Africa?: “Malawi is playing the ‘foreign aid tied to homosexuality promotion’ card. It is a tough one…But, we cannot underestimate the value that that card has. Here is the Malawi government. Apparently, aid is refused on the grounds that...

Sierra Leone: Youth to Youth Fund accepting applications

  11 February 2011

Youth to Youth Fund for Sierra Leone is now accepting applications from youth led organizations in Sierra Leone: “The Youth to Youth Fund is a competitive grant scheme for youth employment. It supports innovative, small scale youth employment projects submitted by youth led organizations from Sierra Leone.”

Rwanda: Government fights journalists

  10 February 2011

Nkunda coments on the fight against journalists by the Rwandan government: “For years, Rwanda has argued that the press needs to be restricted because of its role in the 1994 genocide. Such a sensitive call would only be admissible if it were to be based on legitimate fact.”

Sierra Leone: Do you believe in witchcraft?

  10 February 2011

Do you believe in witchcraft?:”A 20yr old girl, Edwina Esther Thorpe has supposedly confessed to being a witch in Wilberforce and is being kept at the chief's house for safe keeping after she accused a neighbor of “feeding ‘witch meat’ to an 8yr old girl and burrying a ‘witch pot’...

Ghana: Battling corruption with CCTV

  10 February 2011

Ghana should fight corruption using CCTV: “I think the way one of the best ways to stop public officials at Customs (and elsewhere) from fleecing law abiding citizens is to install close circuit TV cameras wherever they work.”

Africa: Entrepreneurship and development in frontier markets

  10 February 2011

Mighty African attended a Stanford Africa Forum event called “Entrepreneurship and Development: Doing Business in a Frontier Market”: “I went to the mobile technology panel. An issue was raised, “Why can't people selling crafts, etc in Africa get to participate in e-commerce? This is a case for mobile money.”

Senegal: Shaky start to Dakar WSF 2011

  9 February 2011

A shaky start to the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal: “At the first official day of the Forum, hundreds of participants from around the world were stranded as a result of the absence of a complete programme, inadequate and well-labelled venues, thus driving many event-organisers to either postpone or...