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Rwanda: Is it Denver Dictatorship Conference?

  22 February 2011

Vincent does not understand why Rwandan president Paul Kagame is invited to Denver Leadership Conference: “Paul Kagame is responsable, according to several UN reports, of plundering the congo, supporting armed rebels inside the Congo, crimes against humanity and possibly genocide on an immensely large scale.”

Kenya: Video: Me and My Bike

  22 February 2011

A group of teenagers from Nairobi won the $8000 Passion Pictures Best Film and Artists Project Earth Youth Visions award as part of the 1 min to Save the World contest, which challenged young filmmakers to create a one-minute video about climate change.

Africa: How tech entrepreneurs can succeed in Africa

  22 February 2011

Mkaigwa explains how African tech entrepreneurs can succeed: “I am not the first to write about the seeming shortcomings that the African Internet tech scene is currently undergoing. A state in which many competent and talented coders, programmers and creatives with working products just aren’t making viable and sustainable profit....

Djibouti: Will it become another Egypt?

  21 February 2011

Protests are taking place in Djibouti against President Ismail Omar Guelleh who succeeded his uncle Hassan_Gouled_Aptidon in 1999. Somaliland Press reports that 300 protesters demonstrated near the governmental palace on Friday. Will Djibouti become another Egypt?

Somalia: Welcome to Poet Nation

  21 February 2011

Poet Nation is a multimedia brand dedicated to Somali art and culture that combines a mix of original and user generated content. The Poet Nation features poets, musicians, writers, storytellers and other artists.

Uganda: A Day After Uganda Elections 2011

  19 February 2011

Ugandans went to the polls Friday 18 February, 2011 for presidential and parliamentary elections. President Yoweri Museveni is expected to win. Below is a roundup of election-related posts and tweets a day after the elections.

Uganda: Kampala quiet after voting

  19 February 2011

Steven Youngblood says that the capita of Uganda, Kampala, is quiet after yesterday's elections. Meanwhile, President Museveni leads his rivals in early provisional results with 72% of the vote.

Tanzania: Netizens comment on bomb explosions at army base

  18 February 2011

At least 30 people have been killed in multiple bomb explosions after an accident early Thursday at Gongo la Mboto army base in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. At least 22 people died in 2009 following massive explosions at an ammunition depot at Mbagala army base in Dar es Salaam. This is a roundup of reactions from blogosphere and twittersphere.

Uganda: Uganda Elections 2011 on Twitter

  17 February 2011

Ugandans will go to the polls tomorrow for presidential and parliamentary elections. The main candidates for the presidential race are President Yoweri Museveni, Dr. Kizza Besigye and Norbert Mao.Twitter users are busy talking about the elections using the #ugandavotes hashtag.

Uganda: New video for Uganda Elections 2011

  17 February 2011

The National Democratic Institute partnered with popular Ugandan musician Bobi Wine to release a video encouraging young voters to avoid election violence and to encourage them to report any election irregularities to UgandaWatch2011.

Ethiopia: Bringing down Ethiopia's Mubarak

  15 February 2011

Tedla Asfaw says that Egyptians have taught Ethiopians a lesson: “We have twenty years of Western financed tyranny run by Meles Zenawi and Ethiopians who match in number with Egyptians but far behind in their developmental stage by any measurement can topple Ethiopia's Mubarak, Meles Zenawi in short order. The...

Kenya: Sing for Kenya on February 28

  15 February 2011

A group of Kenyans of diverse interests, political affiliations,tribes, religions and economic backgrounds have agreed to come together on February 28th 2011 and take a few minutes at exactly 1pm (East African Time) to sing the three verses of the National Anthem.

Senegal: Book for Africa Partnership

  14 February 2011

Peace Corps/Senegal is partnering with Books for Africa to bring textbooks and reading materials to schools and community libraries throughout the country. Volunteers in about 35 communities are working with teachers and village leaders to open libraries and reading spaces…”