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Ghana: Random things I like about Ghana

  29 March 2010

Diversity is one of the reasons Fiona likes Ghana: “We realised during the afternoon that there were ten nationalities represented – African, Middle Eastern, European, North American, Asian and Australasian.”

Africa: Notes From the Field

  25 March 2010

This is a roundup of blog posts of Concern US aid workers blogging from Sub-Saharan Africa. Concern US aid workers blog regularly about their work and challenges they face as they help to transform lives of people in Malawi, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Africa: Crowdfunding in Africa

  23 March 2010

Erik writes about crowdfunding and seed funding in Africa: “We’re starting to see a few angel investors like Sean Murphy of Chembe Ventures making their way around the continent, but they are not nearly enough to fulfill the capacity of ideas and individuals who need startup capital.”

Kenya: Is Makmende Kenya's first Internet sensation?

  23 March 2010

Is Makmende Kenya's first Internet sensation: “Unless you’ve been offline for the better part of two weeks its Kenya’s first viral Internet sensation, and his name is Makmende! Yes. Makmende is something to smile about! He is Kenya’s first super hero and boy does he rock!”

South Africa: Remembering Sharpeville Massacre

  21 March 2010

South Africans remember the Sharpeville Massacre on 21 March 1960 as a turning point in the history of political resistance against racial discrimination. Sixty-nine people were killed in the township of Sharpeville when South African police opened fire on a crowd of black protesters.

Africa: How not to give money to charities in Africa

  19 March 2010

How not to give money to charities in Africa: “Do not watch TV images of Africa and feel only pity: starvation, war, HIV-AIDS etc…, Do not give money to Africa in an attempt to make yourself feel good, Do not give money to Africa because you feel guilty about colonialism…”

South Africa: Julius Malema and the future of freedom of speech

  16 March 2010

The ANC Youth League President Julius Malema has been found guilty of hate speech because of comments he made about a woman who accused President Jacob Zuma for rape. South African bloggers and legal experts have reacted quickly to the judgement. Opinions about the judgement and the future of freedom of speech in South Africa are deeply divided.

Ghana: Free visa for FIFA World Cup not so free

  12 March 2010

Emmanuel notes that free visa to South Africa for the World Cup are not really free: “Despite rather good relations between South Africa and Ghana, it is never going to be so good that they decide to waive visas for us. There are, ofcourse, conditions, and here are the five-fold...