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Liberians Are Talking, Are You Listening?

  30 April 2009

"Liberia's national image has been defined by parachute foreign correspondents for nearly its entire history, since it was first founded as an independent republic by freed Black slaves from the United States in 1847. Today, Liberians are able to tell their own stories to an international audience by taking advantage of participatory media tools like blogs and photo-sharing sites," writes David Sasaki following a blogging workshop he ran last year at the American Embassy in Monrovia, Liberia.

South Africa: UnFreedom Day in South Africa

  27 April 2009

Sokari writes about Fredom Day in South Africa: Today is Freedom Day in South Africa. However for many in SA the notion of freedom is as illusive as ever as under the new apartheid where the poor are disenfranchised and excluded through the Kwa Zula-Natal Slums Act.

South Africa: Why I miss South Africa

  27 April 2009

Rod explains why he misses South Africa: As I watch the electoral process unfold in SA from China I feel proud of my country. My heart jolted as I wrote the words, “my country”. The elections are being done peacefully, democratically.

Kenya: If only we had free and fair election like South Africa

  27 April 2009

Kenyan blogger writes about South Africa's elections: First I must say Congratulations! to our brothers and sisters in South Africa for electing their new President Mr. Jacob Zuma in a free and fair elections. This is a lesson to Kenya and other African countries but unfortunately most African leaders do...

Africa: Africa's Best Blog Design

  27 April 2009

What is Africa's best blog design?: Africa is online. The number of bloggers continues to grow daily, inspiring readers all over Africa and all over the world. We are looking for the best blog designs from the continent.

South Africa: Newspaper makes wrong results call

  27 April 2009

A South African newspaper makes a wrong results call: While clearly nowhere near as disastrous as that, I was amused this morning to find that the Weekender newspaper dated 25 April 2009 has made a similar mistake by “calling” the results of the Western Cape poll prematurely.

Kenya: Kenyan award winning poet found dead

  27 April 2009

Kenyan performing artist, director, playwright, storyteller, poet and university lecturer, Bantu Mwaura, was found dead outside his gate at the Sunlight estate in Nairobi’s Lang’ata area, on Monday (today) morning., KenyanPoet reports.

South Africa: ANC might lose two thirds majority

  23 April 2009

Will ANC lose its two thirds majority in South Africa? : South Africans are headings to the polls this wednesday, in elections that the ruling African National Congress is expected to win in a landslide. Polls indicate that the ANC might lose its two-thirds parliamentary majority.

South Africa: Traumatic voting experience

  23 April 2009

Read Khaya's traumatic voting experience in South Africa: I walk into the voting station and a surge of emotion overcomes me, maybe it’s adrenaline or my mind is beginning to realise what I’m about to do, I don’t know, I’m not a shrink.

Liberia: 5th person takes US$10,000

  22 April 2009

2tango writes about 10 thousand dollar walk in Liberia: Like many Liberians, making ends meet daily is like moon walking with out the popper equipment, but for some, the GSM Company (cellcom) has made moon walking look like drinking coco-cola, and now the 5th person Williams Blamo had taken the...

Liberia: What is the truth about arms discovery?

  22 April 2009

Natlyn discusses the “arms discovery” saga in Liberia: What seems to be a very serious lack of coordination among government ministries continues to hang dark cloud rather than clarity over Wednesday’s discovery of arms (or shells) in the suburb of Jacob’s Town in Paynesville as evidenced by two different versions...

Ethiopia: What exactly is “Cadre Cola”?

  22 April 2009

What exactly is “Cadre Cola” in Ethiopia?: Cadre Cola is what cadres consume. It is bottled by and for an exclusive clientele of government and quasi-government aid bureaucrats as well as third world dictators and their cronies. The taxpayers who finance it and the oppressed in whose name it is...

Liberia: Fellow Bloggers, Please Assist Me…

  22 April 2009

A Liberian blogger, Denna Gibson, is asking for assistance from fellow bloggers so she can be able to blog consistently, “IT IS NICE TO BLOG CONTINOUSLY BUT U CAN NOT DO SO IF U DO NOT HAVE A LAPTOP TO YOURSELF. I AM APPEALING TO MY FELLOW BLOGGERS TO PLEASE...

Ethiopia: The plight of Ethiopian muslims

  22 April 2009

Negashi discusses the mistreatment of Ethiopian muslims, “Ever since the coming to existence of what is known as the Solomonic dynasty in the late 13th century, Islam and Muslims have been the prime targets of the leaders of the Christian North. Their southward expansion resulted in total annihilation of the...

Zimbabwe: The canonisation of St. Dambudzo

  19 April 2009

Eshuneutics writes about the Zimbabwean writer Dambudzo Marechera: I begin to wonder about the imminent canonisation of St Dambudzo. A lot of criticism and adulation focus on the radical, the enfant terrible, the creative terrorist.